Doctor Strange – Spoiler Free

Marvel Studios have worked their magic yet again with their new film Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme, who I am sure will be making money disappear from people’s wallets over the coming weeks as they buy tickets to see this.


Based on the Marvel comic book character Doctor Strange this is the 14th film in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) following in the footsteps of Iron Man, Ant-Man, Captain America and the Avengers, so it really does have a lot to live up to.


Doctor Strange is yet another of the less popular characters being brought to life by Marvel Studios, but as Ant-Man and Guardians Of The Galaxy have shown, this can be a good thing and has the potential to be a big hit. Magic has been seen briefly in the MCU but this will be the first time the lead and the full film are all about the magic and the mystic arts, plus it does tie in nicely with the other movies.


The cast are spot on, Benedict Cumberbatch plays a fantastic Doctor Stephen Strange, not only does he look the part but he brings the full range of characteristics to life, from the arrogant know it all neurosurgeon to the clueless pupil, bringing with it the right amount of seriousness and comedic moments to really bring the character to life. A lot of people were skeptical of the casting of Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One seeing as the character has always been a man, but Tilda Swinton plays the part perfectly showing this is not a gender swop for the sake of it, it was 100% the right casting call so well done Marvel.


As you can imagine Doctor Strange is an effects heavy film and some of the scenes really are visually stunning, there are a few ropey moments but that’s to be expected. You will have seen the Inception inspired moments in the trailer but when you see the full sequence it really is stunning and had my eyes feeling funny and that was in the 2D version so I can only imagine what the 3D version is like.


A few weeks back there was a concert in London that hit the news all over the world, the reason it hit the headlines was because Benedict Cumberbatch went on stage as a surprise guest vocalist for Pink Floyd front-man David Gilmour and sang the hit song Comfortably Numb. Pink Floyd fans will get a kick when they hear a Pink Floyd track featured in the movie, I know I did, I was even lucky enough to be sitting in the audience at that very concert and I have to say, Benedict Cumberbatch is not a bad singer as you can see in the video.

Marvel really have done it again with this one, it is another Blockbuster that will bring another under used character back to the forefront of the Marvel Universe, plus the new comics are out now as well so you will be able to follow more adventures with the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. Let us know your thoughts once you’ve seen it.

Images courtesy of Cineworld and Wayne Groves, Video from the David Gilmour Youtube Channel

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