Disneyland Paris

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril.
(photo courtesy of DisneyLand Paris.)

Adventure is out there… and we know where to find it. A trip to Disneyland Paris is not just for kids, but for everyone who delights in the spell of nostalgia. Rub shoulders with childhood heroes, live out mythical fantasies, skyrocket through time and space and gaze upon the iconic pink turrets of the Sleeping Beauty Castle that characterise the fantastic, surreal adventure.

Sparkles, screams, candy floss, parades, illusion, queuing, laughter, tantrums, spectacle, fairies, imagination: Disneyland Paris is a undeniably overwhelming. However, its craziness is part of the charm as children parade uncontrollable excitement when living out their wonderful dreams. Avoid skepticism, because Disney Land is obviously cheesy and of course a tourist hub. If you visit with an open mind, however, you’ll be lulled into the fantasy like every other spellbound visitor of the resort and the trip will be incomparable.

Over two themes parks, with a total of 58 attractions, Disneyland caters for every age and taste.
Disneyland Park is divided into five main “lands”, each with a unique theme. Representing 19th-century, small town America is Main Street USA, a hub for souvenir purchasing and a prime spot for watching the Disney Magic Parade. Frontierland houses the famous Big Thunder Mountain and its rollercoaster, and evokes dreams of the Wild West. In Frontierland you’ll find the enchanting Pocahontas Indian Village, perfect for those with smaller children.

Rub shoulders with pirates in Adventureland, housing a Pirates of the Caribbean cruise you join animated pirates journeying through spooky flickering firelights. Catering for the older audience, the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is an adrenaline pumping ride that plunges through the rainforests of Adventureland on an archaeological dig. You’ll be humming the theme tune for the rest of your holiday.

Centrepiece to the park, the Sleep Beauty’s Castle is located in Fantasyland. True to its name, Fantasyland contains enchantment, sparkle and fairytales. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tale and Peter Pan’s Flight are favourites of the land. Soar over the streets of London following the stars into Never Never Land on an unforgettable adventure. From nostalgic fantasy to futuristic exploration, move on towards Discoveryland. Home to Space Mountain, with a thrilling high-speed rollercoaster that hurls you into outer space, Discoveryland is favoured by the older kids.

The second park, the Walt Disney Studios Park pays tribute to the world of cinema. Four zones create this area full to the brim with rides and attractions characterised by movie magic. Front Lot charms visitors, who are lulled into the illusion that they are truly wandering down the 1940’s Hollywood Boulevard created by elaborate set work. Animation lovers fall head over heels for Toon Studio, paying homage to the art of film animation. Crush’s Coaster, a spinning rollercoaster inspired by Finding Nemo is the star attraction.

Join the Studio Tram Tour through Production Courtyard, the area dedicated to studio production and special effects. You’ll explore the use of sets, movie props, décor, costumes as well as being able to enjoy a live show. Finally, Back Lot houses the fastest ride at Disneyland Paris and is unmissable for thrill seekers. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster shoots into a tunnel at 60mph zooming through loops and drops.

Year after year, children come home from Disneyland beaming with pride over their autograph books signed by their fantasy heroes. Shake hands with Mickey Mouse, give Baloo a giant bear hug, tip your hat to Woody the cowboy or get lost down the rabbit hole with Alice and her mad wonderland friends. Each meet and greet is personal, charming and unforgettable and the shows and parades made up by the characters bring all the magic together in one magical riot on the senses.

The cheesiness extends beyond the winding footpaths of fantasy lands and into the cafes and restaurants. Whilst often criticised for the quality of food, it can’t be denied that dining as your favourite fantasy friends do is truly special. Lightspeed tastes are served at the futuristic Cafe Hyperion. Alternatively, transport yourself to the Wild West, dining on hearty grub at  Last Chance Cafe.

As the day draws to a close the magic only strengthens. No day at Disneyland Paris is complete without watching the night sky erupt into bursts of light under the firework displays. Sit back, relax and feel the magic.