Desserts of the World!

We’re not quite sure who to speak to with regards to creating a national day, but fair play to whoever came up with today’s theme. Today is National Cup Cake Day, which has got us thinking about our favourite desserts from around the world. So, without further ado, we present to you the comprehensive list of the top desserts in the world as picked by team B Sunglasses!

gelato photo
Photo by ewen and donabel


We’ll start with the basics; if you’ve ever been to Italy, the birthplace of Gelato, then you’ll know exactly why this has made the cut. For the uninitiated no gelato is not just ice cream; it is far creamier with a more elastic consistency than ice cream and is scooped in elegant style with a spatula like utensil as opposed to the uncouth scoop, big difference. If we were forced to choose one flavour, impossible task they’re all incredible, then we’d have to opt for the classic pistachio.

Crème Brulee

The dessert of choice for any pyromaniac chef, the crème brulee is a classic French recipe which can be found on the menu in most restaurants. The key to the success of this dish is the fact that it is so simple. Consisting of creamy vanilla flavoured custard topped with caramelised sugar and that’s it. The caramelised sugar is usually burnt with a small blow torch, which makes for a mouth-watering crunchy and smooth textural contrast.

belgian waffles photo
Photo by Jun Seita

Belgian Waffles

Traditional Belgian waffles, not their pancake mix style American contemporaries, are airy, crispy and traditionally served plain. There’s no need for 25 toppings on a classic Belgian waffle, the classic mix and techniques passed down from generation to generation are enough on their own. The two most famous variations of the Belgian waffle are the Liege and Brussels variety, it doesn’t matter which you choose they’re both amazing.


A Spanish delicacy, churros are a fried dough snack sprinkled with sugar which are usually made up into links and served with dipping chocolate. ‘Churros con chocolate’ can be had in almost every café in Spain and are perfect for a dessert or just a mid-afternoon snack to keep you going.

Black Forest Gateau

A product of the black forest region in South West Germany this culinary delight is the ultimate dessert… or breakfast if it’s Christmas… or you’re hungover! A traditional chocolate cake on steroids, the black forest gateau consists of a chocolate cake with whipped cream, cherries and a German cherry liqueur, which is also from the black forest region, called Kirsch.

Apple Pie

We’ll finish with an all-time classic dessert, synonymous with home cooking and a perfect winter warmer. The perfect apple pie comprises of delicious, buttery, golden pastry with sweet bramley apples and syrup served warm with either whipped cream or ice cream.

apple pie photo

Feel free to let us know if we’ve missed any of your favourite desserts, we admit we may have missed a few due to our salivating over the desserts in our list. Disclaimer: RedHotSunglasses accepts no liability for any weight gain!