Designer Sunglasses Queen Victoria Beckham Spotted House Hunting in London

Could our favourite celebrity family finally be returning home to the UK? Has designer sunglasses Queen Victoria Beckham already started her search for the next Beckingham Palace?

After spending 8 long years aboard and appearing to have settled nicely into American life the question on everyone’s lips: Are the Beckham’s planning a move back to the UK? We certainly hope so!!

Just days after husband David Beckham called time on his career at LA Galaxy, Victoria Beckham has sparked rumours of a move back across the pond after being spotted checking out some of London’s finest pads.

Mrs Beckham certainly means business, reports have confirmed the former Spice Girl turned fashion designer has already checked out at least four luxury homes in the south west of London.

£10 million Richmond mansion and former rented home of movie stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie during their UK stay last year is thought to be top of the designers new home list.

Trying to keep her mission undercover, Mrs Beckham was spotted sporting a long Black and Gold military style winter coat, dark blue slightly flared jeans and pair of vintage aviator sunglasses.

Very exciting times for the Beckham’s, let’s hope the rumours are true!!

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