The Designer Brand Guide | A-Z

Ever wondered how to truly pronounce the names of your favourite designers? Not sure who they are or what they do? There’s a few in our fashion lexicon that even stump us sometimes! For that very reason,  we’ve put together a quick at-a-glance ‘in a nutshell’ guide the names of all the hottest luxury brands and how to say them correctly so you’ll never have to be embarrassed again! 


The A-Z of Pronouncing Brand Names


Anna Sui: anna swee
American fashion designer. Feminine culturally inspired quirky collections. Describes herself as inspired mainly by pop culture.

Badgley Mischka: badge-lee meesh-kah
US fashion label created by Mark Badgeley and James Mischka. Previous spokespeople include Sharon Stone and the Olson Twins

Balenciaga: bah-len-see-ah-gah
World famous French fashion house founded by Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga. Once led by Louis Vuitton Creative Director  Nicolas Ghesquière, Alexander Wang took over in 2013 displaying his first collection for Givenchy at Paris Fashion Week.

Balmain: bahl-mahhhhn
Frequently championed by the likes of Nicki Minaj, Balmain began life in Paris, 1946 and is a popular luxury brand specializing in couture.

Bottega Veneta: bow-tay-guh vah-netta
This luxury Italian brand sell their shades right here at B Sunglasses. Originally known for their exquisite leather goods, Bottega Venetta was purchased by Gucci in 2001 and operates producing handbags, accessories and ready-to-wear clothing.

Christian Lacroix: christian luh-kwa
French designer who favours heritage designs and historical inspired pieces. He also designs costumes for theater and opera due to his dramatic flare.

Christian Louboutin: christian loo-boo-tan
Creator of the designer shoes every woman wants in her wardrobe. Those crimson red soles? The ultimate contribution to fashion from this French footwear designer.

Comme des Garçons: comb dey gah-sown
Based in both Paris and Tokyo, Commes des Garçons translates as ‘Like Boys’ and is owned by Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo. Think urban anti-fashion and effortless cool!

Dolce & Gabbana: dol-chey and gab-ana
The dynamic Italian duo, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana began this now internationally recognized company in 1985. Their designs – not to mention their sunglasses – are some of the most opulent and detailed around.

Dries Van Noten: drees van know-ten
Belgian designer who favours eccentric ready-to-wear designs.

Givenchy: zjee-von-shee
Earns its’ name from its’ founder Hubert De Givenchy who created the luxury French fashion house in 1952. Achieved status by designing Audrey Hepburn’s ic0nic Little Black Dress alongside Edith Head in ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s as well as dressing some of the most stunning stars of the era including Elizabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis

Hermès: er-mez
French fashion house responsible for creating the most iconic bag of the Noughties, the Birkin: as in Jane.

Hervé Léger: air-vay lay-jah
Most commonly known for the ‘Bandage dress’ which has been worn by almost every female celebrity on the planet. French in origin, naturally.

Issey Miyake: iss-ee mee-yah-key
Experimental Japanese born designer whose skill with fabrics creates unusual shapes on the catwalk.

Jean Paul Gaultier: zhon paul go-tee-ay
Those adverts. Say no more.

Lanvin: lahn-vahn
Frequently cited as the oldest fashion house in Paris, Lanvin was founded by Madame Jeanne Lanvin who began creating beautiful frocks for her daughter Marie and soon became the talk of town. Alber Elbaz now steers the company creating colourful pieces including our collection of Lanvin sunglasses.

Louis Vuitton: loo-wee vwee-tahn
Luxury luggage from France, the iconic pattern is now synonymous with the brand as is its’ handbags, suitcase and travel trunks. Previous collaborators include Marc Jacobs.

L’Wren Scott: la-ren scott
The late L’Wren Scott put the byword in the ‘Little Black Dress’ in 2006 with the likes of Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie sporting her ‘Headmistress’ design. Though many may remember her as the stunning supermodel girlfriend of Mick Jagger, L’Wren was ultimately a fashion icon with a careful eye for design and style.

Maison Martin Margiela: may-sohn martin mar-jhell-ah
Belgian fashion designer who once worked for Jean Paul Gaultier and Hermes. Though Margiela left the business in 2009, John Galliano was announced as the new creative director in 2014.

Marchesa: mar-kay-sah
Womenswear brand established in 2004 by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. Frequent favourite on the red carpet during Award season; worn by Emma Watson, Penelope Cruz and Blake Lively.

Mary Katrantzou: mary cat-trant-zoo
London based Greek fashion designer who’s eye for colours and graphic prints set her apart from her peers.

Miu Miu: mew-mew
The lovechild of Miuccia Prada, Miu Miu is the rebellious quirky little sister of the Italian fashion house.

Moschino: mos-key-no
Made a huge impact at Milan Fashion Week SS15 with life-size Barbies dressed by offbeat designer Jeremy Scott. Moschino have never been one to shy away from risks and eccentricity since their inception in 1983 at the hands of the late Franco Moschino.

Proenza Schouler: pro-en-zuh skool-er
New York based womenswear and accessories brand created by duo ack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez for the ‘sartorially savvy’

Salvatore Ferragamo: sal-vah-tor-re fer-ra-gah-moh
Originally an Italian shoe designer, Ferragamo now creates couture pieces, Ready-To-Wear collections and accessories including luxurious eyewear. Created the costumes for F1 racer Niki Lauda biopic ‘Rush’ in 2013.

Versace: vur-sah-chee
So widely recognized that rapper Migos wrote a song about it, this Italian fashion house breeds nothing but style royalty. Fronted by the infamous Donatella Versace this over-the-top ultra-chic brand has a quirky edge and recently collaborated with Lady Gaga for a glamorous capsule collection.

Yves Saint Laurent: eve san lau-ron
The byword in Parisian style, Yves Saint Laurent himself and the co-founder of his brand Pierre Berge rubbed shoulders with the likes of Christian Dior and Coco Chanel. Responsible for popularizing the ultra chic ‘Beatnik look’ of the 1960s, Saint Laurent are now regarded as iconic dressing members of the fashion, art, music and film elite.

Yohji Yamamoto: yoh-jee yam-ah-mo-to
One of the most influential Japanese fashion designers working from Tokyo and Paris. His eclectic modernist pieces are widely regarded as avant-garde and example of master tailoring.