A Comprehensive Guide to Eyewear

It can get a little daunting, we know. Like most, you probably know the words Aviator, Wayfarer, Ray-Ban® and maybe even Clubmaster when it comes to eyewear. But there is so much more to be explored, and it is our mission to show people the world of possibility and the endless joy you can have by stepping up your eyewear game.

This includes glasses, however we are going to leave out the boring prescription part (for now) and concentrate more on the styles and how to wear them.

To make it easy, we’ll take you through a quick history of each style and what makes them special, followed by one of the new season’s collection and why you should be wearing them. P.s. we’re going to leave the aforementioned Ray-Ban® out of it, because you already know those guys already.

Aviator Style

Aviator sunglasses are characterised by dark, often reflective lenses having an area two or three times the area of the eyeball, and very thin metal frames with double or triple bridge. They were originally created for military pilots (hence the name) and are now a mainstay for all pilots, as well as anyone else really. They are a unisex style and are really easy to pull off. Wear them with pretty much anything but we’d recommend a nice fitting white t-shirt and some good sturdy denim this summer. Because of the metal frames, designers often focus on using a combination of gold, silver or black to combine with some large, dark or mirrored lenses which looks awesome.

These Police Court 3 Aviator Sunglasses in Matte Black are as classic as they come, but if you’re after something a bit more out-there, try something with a bright coloured mirror lens, or a double bridge frame for something more chunky.

Recently, thanks in part to the Hadid sisters, Kendal Jenner and Conor McGregor, the Aviator style has been gaining some popularity in glasses form. The look gives off a really retro feel and is a tough one to pull off. Confidence is key here.

Try these by Levis, the brands really going for it with their eyewear collection.

Cateye Style

Normally a more feminine style, the cateye sunglasses pretty much does what they say on the tin. They normally feature a larger lens size, and the frame will tend to flick up at the sides…like a cat duh. This season designers seem to be taking cateye to the next level. They are really highlighting the frames to look more like cats than ever. When worn with a nice dress they can look super glamorous and can really highlight your cheekbones.

These Italia Independent 0257 Thin Metal Base 2 Sunglasses In Gunmetal Pink combine a silver mirrored lens with a bright pink cateye detail, which really stands out.
The Cateye style can also be found in glasses, and give off an equally glamourous look as their shaded counterparts. Designers like Miu Miu really enjoy playing around with this style for their women’s glasses, and create the most beautiful features that really make you stand out.

These MIU MIU MU 52PV Glasses in Pale Gold Azure Blue are the perfect example of what can be achieved with Cateye Glasses. For a more classic look check out Tom Ford

Wayfarer Style

A wayfarer is a person who travels on foot. But it is also the name of one of the names given by Ray-Ban® to the most iconic styles of wayfarer sunglasses ever. As seen on pretty much every movie star since the 60’s, the Wayfarer was originally just a Ray-Ban® style, however since there has been thousands of beautiful imitations created by the world’s best designers. They’re pretty much to go to style for someone that doesn’t know what sunglasses to get, but there is far more to them than that. Wear with a nice leather jacket for that sub zero cool look, or with anything you want to be perfectly honest. They’re easy to style.

Check out these Polaroid Wayfarer Style Sunglasses in Grey Havana Ruthenium Polarised. The grey Havana colourway combined with the metal studs give them a really distinctive look. For something more classic check out Gucci’s new black iteration.

When considering glasses, the wayfarer style can also just be a more square, Clark Kent type style that are probably the most popular frame. They’re easy to style and can be worn in the office, in front of the TV, or on the red carpet (if you happen to be there) and always look good.

Check out these Saint Laurent SL 50 Slim Glasses in Black, they’re a classic style and are unbelievably well crafted. The blue inside frames add a nice bit of detailing as well.

Round Style

When glasses were invented, the round style was the only one you could get. Designed to mimic the eye with the theory that this would be best practice to see out of, the round style has come into prominence recently. Avoid wearing if you already have a round face, as it will accentuate the roundness and no one wants that. More square or chiseled faces may apply. Watch out for the round sunglasses style this summer, it’s going to be really popular, and we’re happy about that.

Check out these Ray-Ban® Round Flat Lens Sunglasses in Shiny Gold Wisteria Flash, they’re a super contemporary style and the flash mirror lenses look awesome when the sun is shining off them. Coming to a beach near you. For glasses, the round style works really well to give a quirky look that can work as a statement piece for your outfit. Again, use the same guide to your face shape if you want to pull them off. The round style glasses give off a really retro academia vibe, in a good way.

The perfect example is these Paul Smith Kennington Glasses in Matte Black Pewter. They set the benchmark high for exactly how round glasses should look. They are also a staple of what has made Paul Smith’s signature British style so successful.

Clubmaster style

Originally labelled as the Browline glasses, the clubmaster sunglasses style harks back to 50’s and 60’s American stock brokers and were also a signature look of Malcolm X. Since then they have been created in to sunglasses, and are popular across the world. The brow line is often chunkier and then feature a metal rim underneath. They go with a face that is bottom heavy, as they bring more attention to the top half of your face.

Check out these Gucci Metal Clubmaster Style Sunglasses in Black, they are slightly more oversized and give a really classy update to the retro style.

For glasses, look for something super original. We think the style gives a certain look of intelligence while also a nod to the fact you have an idea of style. They can be subtle while also really setting you apart from a more ‘ordinary’ glasses shape.

These Giorgio Armani AR7115 Glasses in Black Silver are the perfect example of this. They also come with a range of frame colours and the metal rim along the bottom looks very classy.
So that’s our guide finished, although there are a few more styles definitely worth checking out if you’re not quite satisfied. It is also important to note that this is a small selection of styles, and there is a whole world of different colours and shapes out there to explore. Try something new, it can really add a whole new perspective to your overall look and is definitely worth investing in.

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