Coast 2 Coast

We like to keep ourselves busy, here at RedHot Sunglasses, and a favourite hobby of ours is cycling. Nothing can beat the feeling of being on two wheels with the wind flowing through your hair, all while looking incredibly stylish in a pair of our sunglasses of course.

Cycling used to be a marginalised sport in Britain, certainly compared to its massive popularity in mainland Europe anyway, but since the success of the British riders of Team Sky the sport has seen a massive rise in participation.  The great thing about cycling is there’s no need to be an expert, or even in good shape for that matter, all it takes is a bike and the will to go out and enjoy oneself. But where is there to ride I hear you asking? Well, never fear RedHot Sunglasses have you covered. Numerous organised casual rides and sportives are on offer throughout the UK, you’ll be able to find out any rides local to your area pretty easily. We want to focus specifically on the famous coast-to-coast ride, which stretches from Cumbria all the way to Tyneside.


The ride is a hefty 140 miles, but don’t let the distance put you off as thousands complete the ride every year, ranging from the hardcore cyclists to more recreational cyclists. The route is part of a larger network of cycle routes that run throughout the country, meaning that the roads and tracks are perfectly suited for any bikes. The journey from Whitehaven takes in some of the finest scenery that Britain has to offer taking you through the unrivalled beauty of the northern Lake District to the quaint ex-mining villages. There is a tradition on the coast-to-coast that riders adhere to, people usually begin with dipping their back wheel in the Irish Sea and the ride is not over until the front wheel is dipped into the North Sea.

As is the key with any good trip, proper planning along the route can turn a good ride into a great ride. There are numerous family run B&B’s and pubs to stop off at along the way where you’ll find true northern hospitality at it’s finest. Of course the route isn’t the only aspect of the ride that requires planning, you’ll also need to have the correct equipment; the correct bike, a good quality helmet, breathable cycle clothing and last, but certainly by no means least sunglasses. We stock an incredibly varied range of Oakley Sunglasses at RedHot Sunglasses, the pick of the bunch for cycling are the Radarlock range and the Jawbreaker range. Designed with cycling in mind both ranges showcase some of the finest technical performance eyewear on the market. An added bonus is that we stock a wide variety of different colours, so we’re pretty confident you’ll find the pair you need.


Whatever you do the ride for, be it pleasure or for a charitable cause, we hope you embrace the challenge and have fun along the way, who knows you may even bump into a member of the B Sunglasses team. We wish you safe travels and remember to keep your eyes protected at all times.

Let us know your experiences of the C2C in the comments.1384074_687348801282782_1519664678_n