Coachella Diary

The second and final weekend of Coachella took place these past few days and luckily we had an inside scoop on the festival action straight from the California Coachella Valley! 

Forget the celebrities and fashionista’s for just a second and take a look at these super cool snaps taken by our volunteer B Sunglasses bloggers Juro and Becca who experienced the full festival in all its’ sunshine filled glory!

040Ray Ban Jackie O and Ray Ban Full Colour Aviators 




A festival not a festival without a giant inflatable insect. Coachella have gone for the standard Caterpillar. 



A killer combination of Ray Ban’s and hot dogs. The Coachella food has looked particularly delicious this year but this is surely some top quality festival grub which puts Glastonbury’s burger van to shame! 


Beautiful clear blue sky and palm trees serve as the backdrop to Coachella every year

079Mirror lenses are an integral part of festivals and these Ray Ban shades with their cool blue iridescent lenses have a refreshing summer feel. 





099The line-up of a lifetime!





115Grilled cheese sandwich. Need we say more?

117Ray Ban Full Colour Aviators go great with noodles and sunset 


121The famous Ferris Wheel 


A snapshot of the Coachella crowd.

Day 1

“Surrounded by sprawling mountains and soaked in 32 degree sunshine, we sunk a couple of agave margaritas before making our way to the second outdoor stage to take in Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band. There was a  dedicated following of people who didn’t know the band, but proceeded to get massively stuck in nevertheless. A cracking way to kick off a festival!

From there we made our way across to the tents to see the Cloud Nothings. Two of the four of us had caught them in San Francisco last week and despite a shorter set they didn’t fail to deliver!…. Geeky, grungy goodness, and one I look forward to seeing when they next tour the UK.

Afterwards we had a little downtime in the rose garden, supping a few ciders to keep cool.

Suitably re-hydrated, we wandered back to the tent for some shoe gazing in the form of Ride, Oxford ’90s revival band. How the 65-year-old in the Winnipeg cap in front of us had heard of them is a mystery, but watching him dance just added to the experience!

The War on Drugs provided some background music while we made our way across the festival grounds to see the best female pair of lungs on display in the form of Alabama Shakes. Picnics, sunshine, and a belting Cape… I’d not been over enthused by their first album but they are a totally different animal live. I would love to see them again!

We wandered past a very busy main stage, catching Interpol at their gloomy best, and back to the VIP lounge for a well deserved bacon wrapped hotdog with chilli fries whilst listening to the dulcet, psychedelic tones of Tame Impala. I’ve mixed opinions on this one; Elephant and Let it Happen went down a storm… though sometimes it does sound like it’s all one song.

The AC/DC performance was the highlight of the night and definitely in my top three performances of all time. The hits just kept on coming  and the ceaseless guitar playing of Angus Young saw him still sporting Elastoplast’s on both knees from his endeavors the week before.”

Words by Paul Jurowski. Edited by B Sunglasses.