Clubmaster Sunglasses Lover Jack White Releases New Album

Since the White Stripes announced they were no longer going to be making music together last year there has been a Jack White sized hole in our heart. However we weren’t in mourning long as the Detroit born singer broke the news that he was to release a solo album just weeks later, which immediately sent us into a frenzy of excitement. Finally, this week, the wait came to an end with the former White Stripes frontman making his record available for sale worldwide. Interest is said to be huge with the album being tipped to top the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

Often proclaimed as the coolest man in music Jack White is also known for his very eccentric style of dress and living. White ‘hangs his hat’ in Nashville, Tennessee and his home includes such wondrous curiosities as his label offices, a recording booth, a record store, a darkroom, a lounge for parties and even a concert venue.

Naturally White’s taste for the peculiar spills over into his dress sense as well. During his White Stripe days Jack tended to stay with the aesthetic of the band and mainly wore red, white and black. Nowadays, however, White is somewhat of a poster boy for the vintage look and of course no vintage look is complete without a pair of classic clubmaster sunglasses.