A Closer Look at MIU MIU’s Round Sunglasses

MIU MIU is eyewear royalty as far we’re concerned. B Sunglasses has a huge range of MIU MIU sunglasses and glasses and we’re always looking for more. Any fan of MUI MIU will already know that it is a sister company of Prada, and that although it is inextricably linked to Prada, the two designer labels have very different characters. Whereas Prada has a classic, sophisticated, understated sense of beauty, MIU MIU embraces vibrancy and freedom of expression as much as possible. This attitude makes for some incredible sunglasses; there’s no designer label quite like MIU MIU and rather than trying to give an overview of the brand’s entire eyewear repertoire, we’ve decided to zoom into one specific style… Read on for a closer look at MIU MIU’s range of round sunglasses.

Metal Mix Round Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Metal Mix round sunglasses (topbottom)

The Metal Mix round design from MIU MIU is a great place to start as it has MIU MIU’s signature swagger but its design is a little more simple than many of the other round sunglasses discussed in this blog. The ultra-thick rims have a vintage aesthetic and their thickness is further emphasised by the thin metal bridge and arms. These thin metal elements make the whole silhouette incredibly striking, emphasising the two large round rims as the focal points. This is intelligent eyewear design at its best, and it’s one of the reasons why we love MIU MIU!

Crystal Rocks Round Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Crystal Rocks round sunglasses (topbottom)

MIU MIU’s Crystal Rocks sunglasses have a lot in common with their Metal Mix design, except they have a little more bling on them. MIU MIU has taken the simplicity of the Metal Mix silhouette and made it more decadent. The crystal accents are incredibly luxurious and should appeal to anyone who doesn’t mind looking a little glamourous… The colour combination on the pink and crystal suede design above is especially creative, offering eyewear aficionados the perfect opportunity to pick up something completely fresh!

Cut Out Lens Round Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Cut Out Lens round sunglasses (topbottom)

We’re looking at MIU MIU’s Cut Out Lens design next because it has a lot in common with the Metal Mix and Crystal Rocks designs discussed above, but it makes a few more experimental design choices. Experimental design is MIU MIU’s modus operandi as Miuccia Prada allows herself a much freer, more creative, process when designing for MIU MIU in comparison to Prada. It’s not that she isn’t creative when designing items for Prada, but MIU MIU is all about freedom of expression and we can see that in some of the fascinating design decisions.  The cut-out sections of the lenses on the upper and lower parts of the lenses looks very modern, and it’s always striking when the lenses are set in front of the rims – a little like Ray-Ban’s Blaze range. If you like MIU MIU for its experimentation, then perhaps you should invest in a pair of Cut Out Lens sunglasses!

Ornate Metal Wire Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Ornate Metal Wire sunglasses (topmiddlebottom)

The Ornate Metal Wire sunglasses from MIU MIU take the brand’s creativity a step further, with elaborate metal wire shapes and accents we’ve never seen before on a pair of sunglasses. The double bridge design is completely unique, and the underside of the lenses is also framed with an interesting metal-wire outline, and the curve on the arms is incredibly stylish. There is just so much confidence and swagger in MIU MIU’s Ornate Metal Wire sunglasses and they definitely show off the brand’s penchant for experimentation!

Metal Mix Contrast Round Cateye Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Metal Mix Contrast round cateye sunglasses (top lefttop rightbottom leftbottom right)

Reigning in some of the more experimental ideas, let’s look at MIU MIU’s Metal Mix Contrast round cateye sunglasses. This design rests somewhere between round and cateye as it doesn’t seem to belong wholly to either. This hybrid style is experimental, but in a less bombastic way than many of the other designs in this blog. To manage a silhouette ambiguous enough to rest between these two sunglasses styles is impressive and this model is the perfect choice for anyone who loves MIU MIU but prefers softer, more subtle sunglasses than many of the other designs mentioned in this blog.

Noir Heart Lens Round Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Noir Heart Lens round sunglasses (topmiddlebottom)

The last style we’re looking at today is the Noir Heart Lens. This design encapsulates all of MIU MIU’s creativity as it overlays heart shapes and various shades of colour to create an almost stained-glass-window effect. This design is original, but it’s also staggeringly beautiful. It has MIU MIU’s trademark confidence and it would make an incredible addition to anyone’s sunglasses collection. If you love round sunglasses and are on the lookout for something entirely new and unique, then MIU MIU’s Noir Heart Lens sunglasses are a perfect fit!


That’s all we have time for today. We hope a few readers are now as convinced of MIU MIU’s genius as we are and that we’ve helped one or two people pick out the next pair of sunglasses to add to their collection. If you have any questions about our range of MIU MIU sunglasses — or anything else in our designer sunglasses collection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!