The Classic Beauty of Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s Sunglasses

An assortment of Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s stunning eyewear designs

We’ve written several blogs over the years that focus on Ralph by Ralph Lauren. Often, we’ve tried to give a little more background to the brand, or to distinguish it from the many other Ralph Lauren brands in our wider designer sunglasses collection. In this blog post, however, we’d like to look more closely at Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s classic aesthetic and how that influences its eyewear designs. We’ll look at the brand’s take on many of the most classic sunglasses styles, taking all images and examples from our extensive Ralph by Ralph Lauren sunglasses collection.

A Little Background Information


Although our other guides outline the brand’s history in a lot of detail, we still need a little background here if we’re going to discuss Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s sunglasses. We’ll keep this part of the article as brief as possible, however.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren is one of the many sub-brands of the wider Ralph Lauren Corporation that was founded by the New York designer Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren founded his own brand in 1967, but the specific Ralph by Ralph Lauren sub-brand came much later — in 1994, in fact — and it is a specialist department that focuses on the finer things in life, such as suits, dress pants, and high-fashion formalwear, all with Ralph Lauren’s signature New York aesthetic. Ralph Lauren is still the Executive chairman of the entire corporation, but the designers and multiple studios involved have turned the Ralph Lauren brand into a truly international super brand.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s focus on sophisticated, high-fashion formal wear has produced some truly stunning pieces over the years, but it’s the brand’s eyewear designs that interest us most of all. Whereas many of the big modern designers — such as MIU MIU and Tom Ford — are constantly trying to innovate and change the various shapes and designs we all know and love, Ralph by Ralph Lauren tries to perfect many of the classic designs that never go out of style. It’s the brand’s sophisticated approach to the classical eyewear designs that we will be discussing for the remainder of this blog post.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s Approach to the Classic Square Sunglasses

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s Two Tone square sunglasses (topbottom)

Square sunglasses are an absolute classic. Whilst they might not have the same nostalgia factor of Aviators or the same retro factor as round sunglasses, they have played an equally important role in the history of eyewear. For many of us, square is the default shape for sunglasses— and this default status has helped sell a lot of square sunglasses over the years, but it is also perhaps the reason why some people avoid them.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s approach to this classic shape is to give us dark, bold lines and little flashes of bright colours in an otherwise dark, sophisticated colour palette. The Two Tone design pictured above has very thick rims, which gives the sunglasses an ever-so-slight 80s look whilst still feeling like a modern design.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s Elegant square sunglasses (topbottom)

The aptly named Elegant square sunglasses also have thick frames, but they aren’t quite as thick as the Two-Toned design. The Elegant square sunglasses also have an oversized look with a subtle retro feel. It seems that Ralph by Ralph Lauren knows exactly what people are looking for from a pair of classic square sunglasses and they have given us so many classic designs to choose from. For a full selection, check out our square Ralph by Ralph Lauren collection.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s Approach to the Classic Oval Sunglasses

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s Oversize oval sunglasses (topbottom)

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s oval sunglasses design is a lot like its Elegant square design; they could even be seen as square or oval versions of each other. The oversized look is extravagant and very sophisticated, and the designers are confident with the quality of the material and the overall aesthetic that they haven’t felt the need to add any unnecessary design features. It’s this confidence in understatement that we can see running through Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s entire eyewear range.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s Approach to the Classic Round Sunglasses

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s Two Tone peaked round sunglasses (topbottom)

Round sunglasses have had a huge resurgence in popularity over the last few years. They’re incredibly popular and all of the big designers have rushed to bring out their own round sunglasses lines. Whereas many designers are experimenting with the round shape (with varying success), Ralph by Ralph Lauren is designing striking round sunglasses that are completely inline with its overall brand aesthetic. Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s round sunglasses all have a vintage 80s feel to them, but the materials and the overall finish is modern.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s Metal Bridge round sunglasses (topbottom)

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s Approach to the Classic Pilot Sunglasses

Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s various pilot sunglasses designs (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)

The last style we’re looking at today is the pilot.  But it’s necessary to get a little background first. The pilot style was originally designed to protect US Military pilots’ eyes from the sun and it was designed to cover 2-3 times the area of the wearer’s eyes. The iconic, top-heavy pilot style was developed by Bausch & Lomb, who later established the designer brand Ray-Ban to sell pilots (which later became known as Aviators) to a commercial audience. Pilots have remained a quintessentially American design — even though so many European designers have tried to cover the look over the years. Perhaps this is why Ralph by Ralph Lauren has produced so many different pilot designs — as a nod of respect to its American eyewear design heritage… Whatever the reason, we’ve noticed that Ralph By Ralph Lauren’s pilot designs seem to fit quite close to the original design, as they all have thin metal frames and the iconic double bridge. However, Ralph by Ralph Lauren does experiment a little with the lens shape and with the various lens colours. These subtle changes never risk turning the sunglasses into anything other than pilot sunglasses, but they give the overall aesthetic a softer, more Ralph Lauren finish when compared to Ray-Ban’s traditionally tough Aviator design.


That’s all of the Ralph by Ralph Lauren sunglasses we’ve got time for today, but it’s nowhere near all of the sunglasses in our extensive Ralph by Ralph Lauren collection. We hope we’ve inspired a few readers to pick up a new pair of sunglasses or to add one of two of Ralph by Ralph Lauren’s sunglasses to your wish list. Ralph by Ralph Lauren is a brilliant designer and we’re very pleased to have so many of their sunglasses here at B Sunglasses!