Christmas Jumpers


Christmas jumper season is in full swing and everybody’s festive spirit is spilling out onto their wardrobe. Now, it’s not impossible to find a stylish Christmas jumper, but it seems to be an ongoing pattern that  colleagues, parents, friends, teachers (it isn’t contained to one group), get carried away and end up sporting a flashing Rudolph, a 3D turkey, or a in-built sound system singing carols on their fronts throughout December.

To get ourselves hyped in the Christmas cheer, we thought we’d take a look at Christmas jumpers of present and past. The good, the bad, and the joyfully hideous.


The first photo of Mark Darcy looking miserable in his jumper is iconic. We’ve all seen Bridget Jones and relished in the uptight, pompous Mark Darcy spreading festive gloom in his ridiculous reindeer sweater. Similarly, we’ve all been to a family party forced into a hideous garment knitted by one of our old relatives and we know how much it hurts. This knowledge of the ordeal probably makes Darcy’s pain even funnier.


If you’re looking for a stylish jumper for the season that doesn’t have you branded a scrooge, this is perfect. Tastefully sparkling penguins, with a soft casual finish and can be worn for any occasion.


This turtle neck is made from soft cashmere and its snowflake pattern suits the frosty season well. If you really wanna add to it, go the extra mile like this model with some tinsel and a festive hat.

The nations favourite pair Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield certainly don’t shy away from the cheesy Christmas cheer… here’s a few of their best jumpers.


If they can rock the these horrifically festive knits on television every morning, then we can certainly follow suit without any shame.



The contrast of black and cream strikingly highlights the different patterns in this knitted jumper. Its high neck is perfectly suited to the frosts of December to keep you warm and its certainly festive without being cheesy.

Another great knit for the season, this vintage jumper lacks flashing lights or squeaky reindeer noses but it’s undeniably festive.



The cheesy strikes again and these jumpers are on sale now if you want to join in. Both are bold and bright and scream Christmas enthusiasm. What’s more, both are fitted with flashing lights.

Now we’ve provided a taste of the range of jumpers available that will define you this season. Whether your subtly joyful, tapping your toe to the Jingle Bell Rock, or spreading Christmas cheer in the form of blinding lights (similar to National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation) and singing at the front of the carol service, there is something for you.

Finally, if you fancy taking it that step further and having some family fun, purchase one of these bad boys. A present sure to ruin all their Christmases. Fantastic.

There’s even jumpers for your dogs.

What’s the worst Christmas jumper you’ve seen or worn? Tweet us a picture at @B Sunglassesunglasses so we can have a laugh.

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