Celebrating Diversity at New York Fashion Week

Always a celebrity-packed affair, this year New York Fashion Week has pointed towards diversity and democracy.

There has certainly been a theme throughout many of the shows this year. We have seen designers replace the usual catwalk faces like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, and instead enlisting an ensemble of ‘real’ people to strut their stuff in style. The creative director of J. Crew was leading a brand that was flying the flag for the shift in perspective. She stated “This season, we wanted to explore the idea of heritage, iconic pieces and the deep connection we have with our customers. Because we feel personal style is so important to this concept, we chose a different approach with the models for this show. They are friends of the brand, members of our team and all people we admire. They range in age from 13 to 70, with style from classic to eclectic. They’re students and parents and grandparents; professionals, artists, teachers and activists. Each one has their own unique style and beauty, and it has been an incredible experience to approach a ‘fashion show’ from this point of view.” This outlook is a refreshing update to the fashion world and there seems to be a similar vibe running throughout other shows too.
The first two shows of New York Fashion Week weren’t shows at all. One was a piece of performance art, the other an evening of dinner theater. Kanye’s unveiling of Yeezy Season 4 involved stars like the Kardashian clan (of course) and Tom Ford’s had stars of a different variety like Tom Hanks. Both created certain desirability for the clothes they were showcasing, but both also were just a little bit boring.
Kanye is known for having a lot to say, but this time didn’t say a word. His clothes didn’t seem to be saying much either. Lots of creams and browns but not much else. The show did include all different shapes and sizes of models as usual, but in the 80 Degree heat I think everyone was struggling to pay much attention.
At least Tom Ford, who this season also held his guests for a few hours, distracted them with Champagne and martinis, and then fed them all sorts of extravagant horderves. So by the time the show began, everyone was in a slightly better mood than the Yeezy crowd.
In other news, this year’s New York Fashion week suggests that crop tops are back in. The look has already been seen on the runway at Tommy Hilfiger’s show, Victoria Beckham, Carmen Marc Valvo and a whole host of other shows. The crop top has taken many forms depending on the designer, meaning it can be reworked in to many different styles. Hilfiger included a classical sporty aesthetic while others went for a more refined, elegant look. The 90’s nostalgia continues!
Serena Williams also held an event, despite a disappointing defeat in the semifinals at the US Open, Williams managed to quickly forget about it and turned her attention to her show at New York Fashion Week. Suprisingly, she fitted in very well with the fashionista elite, and looked amazing.
As usual, some of the most exciting looks were seen outside the catwalk events. With a vast array of the world’s fashion forward humans gathering outside the event. Check out some of our favourite looks below.