Brand in the Spotlight

Once in awhile a new brand enters the designer sunglasses or designer glasses world, more often than not they are so different from the rest they are just hard to ignore. Our collection of brands in the spotlight looks a little closer at the brands we both admire (and stock!).

Starting 2019 with Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney made 2018 her own. Taking sole ownership of her eponymous fashion house, making further advancements as an activist in the industry, and creating a new platform for initiatives like Breast Cancer Awareness; her productivity is limitless. There was even time to create a stunning new Stella sunglasses collection in time for the new year – take a look…

New Gucci Woman

Gucci’s Eyewear Fall/Winter 2018 campaign is yet another example of their talent at creating unique narratives to compliment their lively collections. The collection itself is the perfect reminder that sunglasses aren’t just for summer, but bring individuality to your style all year long.