Brand in the Spotlight – Randolph Engineering

Fashion meets function this week at B Sunglasses as we welcome some exciting new arrivals by Randolph. Proudly producing stylish and durable eyewear for adventurers and soldiers for decades, Randolph continue to progress as an elite eyewear brand.

Randolph’s narrative epitomises the American Dream. Shortly after WWII ended, Jan Waskiewicz arrived in Boston, travelling from Poland, with his wife, child and $50. Back home, Waskiewicz had begun taking courses in engineering, but these were put to a halt when Germany invaded Poland during the onset of the war. Waszkiewicz served bravely in the Royal Air Force, as a navigator flying around 32 bombing missions.

Randolph Aviator.

In Boston, Waskiewicz was able to continue his passion for engineering, studying at Northeastern University of Boston. In 1972, he formed a partnership with Stanley Zaleski, a fellow Polish immigrant and Randolph Engineering was born. However, what’s most remarkable about Randolph is that it started as only a machine shop, in which the two men designed, built and sold machinery for optical manufacturing companies.

Randolph P3.

After supplying tooling equipment for a short time, Waszkjiewicz and Zaleski quickly realised that the manufacturers were not creating optical frames and products which met the quality standards desired by their customers. They soon fulfilled this gap in the market and they have been providing world class eye wear since. Randolph won a huge contract in 1982, to produce the standard, uniform-issue military-spec aviator sunglasses for the U.S. Air Force, and they still hold this contract today.

Zach Efron, wearing Randolph in Bay Watch.
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Randolph’s reputation for producing superior product which were not only timelessly stylish but also durable is strong. Their passion for delivering quality to their customers has allowed their American dream to become a reality. Whether its eyewear for military personnel who count on Randolph’s products as they risk their lives, or for the outdoor adventurers who need style and durability, Randolph Engineering is a perfect choice. Randolph eyewear has been seen on stars such as: Amy Adams, in American Sniper; Johnny Depp; Bradley Cooper, in 13 Hours; and Zach Efron, in the new Bay Watch.

P3 Shadow Sunglasses in Matte Black Grey by Randolph Engineering.
P3 Shadow Sunglasses in Matte Black Grey by Randolph Engineering.

Retro military style has never looked more cool than in this pair of matte black sunglasses by Randolph. Featuring in a dangerous black on grey colour scheme, with a double bridge detail, the P3 shadow sunglasses are irresistible.

P3 Round Sunglasses in 23K Gold Grey by Randolph Engineering.
P3 Round Sunglasses in 23K Gold Grey by Randolph Engineering.

These sunglasses have a history as inviting as their aesthetic. Originally designed for use inside navy submarines, the retro P3 style are edgy an vintage. Defined by military heritage, they are handcrafted in the USA, feature in 100% UV protection and have mineral crown glass lenses offering unmatched visual acuity.


Aviator Sunglasses in Shiny Gunmetal Grey by Randolph Engineering.
Aviator Sunglasses in Shiny Gunmetal Grey by Randolph Engineering.

The Randolph Aviators are iconic, built to precise military standards. The sunglasses are battle tested and are worn by U.S. military pilots daily. The aviators are designed to fit comfortably under headgear, through their unique bayonet temples. They come in a wide variety of colours and we have just welcomed some exciting new additions to our collection.


To check out the world-class Randolph aviators, or any of their other attractive products, head to our site now.

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