Brand Spotlight: Prada

One of the all-time greats of the fashion world; the name Prada resonates throughout even the most uninterested folk when you think of luxury fashion.

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As expressed by Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, as do the majority of the fashion elite. The brand was born all the way back in 1913, in the fashion capital of Milan. The label was founded by Mario Prada and initially started selling luxurious trunks, beauty cases and leather bags, something that it continues to do to this day amongst many other beautiful products. Rather impressively, the role of ‘official supplier to the Italian Royal Household’ was allocated to Prada, catapulting the brands name in to the exclusive elite.

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“Careful observation of and curiosity about the world, society, and culture are at the core of Prada’s creativity and modernity. This pursuit has pushed Prada beyond the physical limitations of boutiques and showrooms, provoked an interaction with different and seemingly distant worlds, and introduced a new way to create a natural, almost fashionless fashion.”
Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli.

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Prada continues to lead the way in sleek, stylish and high quality products and in 1992 had set up it’s sister brand Miu Miu (named after daughter of Luisa Prada, Miuccia.) The sister brand targets the more playful, young audience with bright colours and bold prints. Prada continues to create much more timeless pieces that ooze class and luxury while looking very understated and sleek.

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The same can be said about Prada’s eyewear collection, which manages to impress season after season through expert craftsmanship and beautifully designed sunglasses and glasses. The typical glossy black frames can be expected while more colourful designs cater for the more adventurous among us whilst remaining supremely elegant and stylish.

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The Prada emblem can be found on most frames with the most subtle of detailing, some including the famous coat of arms while some simply featuring a classy metal embossed brand logo. Beautiful Tortoise colourways on the frames are all unique and look stunning when paired with the bold whites and deep reds.

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Purchasing a piece of Prada eyewear is like investing in a piece of history. The origins of the brand are a testament to where it stands today, and will continue to be regarded as the epitome of luxury and quality. Each product is amazingly timeless in its own way, and can be worn at pretty much any occasion and paired with any outfit.

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