Brand in the Spotlight – Police.

Police have launched their new campaign and its screaming sleekness and modernity. With Brazilian footballer Neymar as the face, this new collection nods to the sport and lifestyle heritage of Police. Each piece is innovative in its craft and the campaign follows suit with gripping visuals.


Launched in 1983 by the De Rigo brothers, Police is an Italian fashion house specializing in sunglasses as well as perfume, leather goods and watches. The brand has a contemporary spirit that creates fashion for those who want to stand out. Over the years Police have racked up an impressive list of brand ambassadors including: Bruce Willis; George Clooney; David Beckham; Antonia Banderas and Neymar Jr, who have portrayed the unmistakable premium style of the brand.

Neymar Jr has been the face of Police since 2014 and is praised for being an idol to people of all ages for his instinct and determination. In a short few years the footballer has risen to great success and this epitomises the spirit of Police. He has influence each pair of sunglasses, so they are designed to stand out in strength of character in their innovative shape and style.


The new campaign visuals are striking and captivating. Each camera angle capturing the intricate and sharp designs of the glasses. Neymar features alongside model Nicole Meyer and it’s got to be said that they look utterly cool.

Neymar Jr and Nicole Meyer for Police.
Neymar Jr and Nicole Meyer for Police.

In the new men’s eyewear collection the modern identity of Police is key. Styles with ultra-flat lenses alongside more traditional frames, with temples sporting innovative structures and materials. The collection is divided into four sections: Heritage Urban, the brand’s metropolitan, distinctive look: Heritage Sport, the casual and comfortable; Discovery, non-conventional; Fast Fashion, trendy and eye-catching. This new collection is the first designed by Enrico Furlan, new House Brand Creative Director of De Rigo Vision

The ‘HALO’ collection in the new campaign are unisex eyewear and are unique and striking in design. The flat lenses are enhanced by a minimalist frame to create a futuristic look. The sunglasses have blend of transparency and mirror effects. The line has three different styles, 2 sunglasses, 1 optical model and are available in six colours each.

The new collection will be available on our site next week. If you just can’t wait until then to wear a pair of Police sunglasses then explore the current Police range on our site now.