Celebrating 20 Years of Jimmy Choo

The brand that claims to be the favourite of Princess Diana, has a fairly short history compared to its fellow fashion houses, but one that is equally as rich.

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The brand traces itself back to a Malaysian bespoke shoemaker Jimmy Choo. He was born in Penang to a family of shoemakers, and allegedly his family name is actually chow but was misspelled on his birth certificate. His father taught him the craft of shoemaking before he travelled to London to attend Cordwainers Technical College. Amazingly, after renting an old hospital building to make and sell his footwear, Jimmy Choo started to get a lot of welcome attention. His craftsmanship garnered so much buzz that his creations featured in an 8 page spread in an addition of Vogue Magazine.

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The brands current creative director was also the brands very first employee, Sandra Choi who also happens to be Choo’s niece. She became fully involved with the brand at the age of 17, when she had left her family home on the Isle of White when her parents had refused to support her dream in the fashion world. There has been many dramatic twists and turns in the lifetime of the Jimmy Choo brand, but Choi has kept it together. At the same time as flying the flag for modern women and creating forward thinking, glamourous heels as well as a whole host of other products.
For Spring/Summer 2017, Jimmy Choo has created a beautifully coloured collection.

Jimmy choo 4

‘The vivid vibrancy, exaggerated symmetry and glowing colours found in nature, layered with an attitude of spontaneity and audacious expression seamlessly combine to create a powerfully potent Spring Summer 2017 collection.’ – Jimmy Choo ltd.

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‘I wanted the new campaign to portray the Jimmy Choo woman and man in the same environment. The one-of-a-kind beauty found in nature was a key inspiration for the Spring Summer collection and how we need to pause in our busy lives to stop for a moment and marvel at the wonders we co-exist with. The oversized perspective of the set reinforces the extraordinarily mesmerising power of nature.’
-Sandra Choi, Creative Director

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The Jimmy Choo eyewear collection for 2017 is no different. It incorporates vibrant colours, extravagant designs and ultimately well-made pieces. Classy Cat-eye frames accompanied by subtle brown lenses are finished off superbly with glitter detailing and bold motifs.

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There is a good mix of understated frames that are easily worn, as well as some more adventurous frames that are perfect for those with a more playful style.
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