Brand Spotlight: Guess

It’s 1981, and brothers Paul and Mauricio Marciano have moved to Los Angeles to open their first store in the Beverly Hills area. Since then, the American designer brand Guess has been a mainstay in high-street fashion for decades. In the 80’s Guess was once of the most popular brands of denim jeans, and claims that it is the first company to actually create ‘designer’ jeans. Those of you who can remember iconic advertisement from the 80’s will remember their famous award winning black and white advertisements.

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The Marciano brothers were born in Morocco and then were raised in the Southern French city Marseilles. France always being a nation cultivated in style and a deep love for fashion. The brothers however were mainly inspired by the American West, which inevitably allowed them to combine their French roots in fashion with a deep interest in american style to create Guess.

Following the 70’s direction in fashion, it was thought that denim was dead by the 80’s. Many seeing it as being played out and looking for something new. Guess however disagreed and by applying their own spin on denim jeans they were able to reach a market that would have previously been impossible to do so. Because denim was perceived as finished, retailers were apprehensive of GUESS? initially. But the Marciano brothers had different ideas, they thought that their 3-zip Marilyn jean was sexy. It was a statement jean and allowed people to express their individual style and attitude. After a lot of chin stroking, Bloomingdale’s agreed to stock a small amount of pairs of the Marilyn 3-zip jean as a favor to the Marciano brothers and low and behold within hours, the entire collection had sold out.

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The Guess? collection now spans across various different categories, including men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, a children’s line and an unbelievably broad selection of eyewear. The Guess brand has not only seen success in the States, in Europe it has became somewhat of a powerhouse and can be found in every major city you go to. Every product Guess? create carries with it a piece of the brands past, the iconic Americana fused with European fashion know-how is an underlying factor in all of the designs. The full Guess? eyewear collection can be found on B Sunglasses, and includes all of the classic frame shapes and design along with the latest trends and colours that will look equally as great on the catwalk as they will on the sofa.

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