Brand in the Spotlight – Burberry

A brand with both a symbolic history and the iconic unique Nova Check print, Burberry has a strong legacy of innovation. Proudly British, Burberry is synonymous with the clean, elegant and timeless classic British style. Eyewear by Burberry blends elegance and edginess in an irresistible way.

Burberry’s background is strongly British, founded in Basingstoke, Hampshire in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Starting out as an apprentice draper, Thomas Burberry quickly recognised the market for the wealthy outdoorsmen and starting creating specialist outdoor sportswear by Burberrys (the brand still included the ‘s’ then). The wealthy sportsmen, enjoying fishing and hunting, praised Burberry for his expertise in craftsmanship and his company developed rapidly.

Now famed for his eye for innovative creativity with new materials, nearly ten years after the birth of Burberrys he introduced gabardine. The material was an astonishingly lightweight, waterproof material that was a comfortable alternative to rubber. In 1891, this creation was spotted by the Minister of Defence and Thomas Burberry was given the task of creating new uniforms for the British Army officers. Burberry invented Tielocken, a water resistant coat that would later become the trenchcoat. This year was busy for Burberry, as their new logo was developed, an equestrian knight and the Latin word Prorsum, meaning forwards.

As WW1 began Burberry was enlisted to create an updated version of the Tielocken. Thomas Burberry designed a coat suitable for the soldiers in the trenches. It included shoulder straps to secure a satchel, binoculars and a gas mask; large flaps on the chest to protect the heart; and belt rings to hang grenades, maps and flasks. The symbolic ‘trench coat’ is essential to the British military history and Burberry is proudly responsible.

Perhaps a more obvious symbol of Burberry is the Nova Check, the plaid made up of beige, white and red checks that is internationally recognised today. The Nova check was created in 1924 and is interlaced in their designs throughout each collection. The devastating loss of Thomas Burberry in 1926, left the company to his sons Thomas Newman and Arthur Burberry who sold the company to GUS some twenty years later.

Throughout history the designs of Burberry have been seen on stars. Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and more recently Cara Delevigne and Emma Stone. By the end of the century, Burberry was in need of a lift. Rose Mary Bravo, CEO, rejuvenated the brand’s image with the help of Fabien Baron, Kate Moss and Mario Testino. ‘Burberrys’ became ‘Burberry’ and the collections were modernised drastically. The timelessly British style is still prominent in the brand design, paying tribute to its history, but each piece is given a modern edge gearing towards all ages.

Burberry Eyewear includes a diverse selection of frame types and colours and designs that stay loyal to the historical desire for British elegance and classic styling.

Half Rim Round Sunglasses in Matte Black Pale Gold, by Burberry.
Half Rim Round Sunglasses in Matte Black Pale Gold, by Burberry.

The half rim round sunglasses feature in the classic clubmaster browline design and feature in an elegant matte black with a pale gold bridge. The pale gold design on the temples pays tribute to the Burberry check to add a modern edge to the style.

Fabric Temple Aviator Sunglasses in Gold Rose Gold Mirror by Burberry.

The aviator frame is given a feminine elegance with a rose gold mirror lens that is summery and eye-catching. The fabric temple detail finishes the pair with a symbol of the Burberry name.

Fabric Temple Double Bridge Sunglasses in Dark Havana by Burberry.

Modelled on the timeless cateye design, these sunglasses feature in a smart dark Havana with a double bridge detail. The temples are finished with the iconic check fabric detail for an extra unique flare.

Each pair of Burberry sunglasses are presented in a beautiful leather travel case to continue the elegant style of your accessories.

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