Brand in the Spotlight – Fendi.

Fendi’s eccentric designs have returned year after year with the same immense success. The iconic rainbow studs that characterise Fendi’s new collection are certainly following suit, already catching the attention of fashionistas worldwide. Their striking sunglasses are modern in shape, design and are all completed with the signature ornate studs and stone finishings. They’ll certainly be at the top of your summer wish list.

In Rome, 1925, the House of Fendi was first established by Italian couple Edoardo and Adele Fendi and was immediately recognized for its high quality craftmenship. Their popularity soared and gradually their five daughters began to help run the family business. From this small business they’ve grown an empire of elegance and innovation, as well as a completely iconic style. Having the influence of five young women within the brand has influenced its essence drastically, as they created styles that perfectly suited the contemporary woman and her elegance.

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Fendi is renowned for its creativity through the influence of the family and the work and direction of Karl Lagerfield. They have revolutionised fashion in many ways, with events like hosting a fashion show on the Great Wall of China in 2007. Celebrities and the elite of the fashion world have followed its progress for years, Kanye West once shaved the iconic Fendi logo into the back of his head. It’s not difficult to see why Fendi has been so successful and caught the eyes of many as its designs are completely unique and consistently beautiful.


The new collection of rainbow stud sunglasses and accessories are bold and contemporary in design. The geometrical studs are created with precious natural stones, such as green malachite, red coral, black onyx, purple sugilite and turquoise, all colour matched to the metal of the frames and arms.


The rainbow studs are carried throughout the entire accessories collection, featuring on statement jewelry, wallets, purses, key-chains and bags.

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The geometric studs add a bold edginess to each pair of sunglasses. Featuring on the blue cateye sunglasses above, the bright contrasting red triangle stud pops in colour against the pale blue stone and sleek silver of the frame.

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These sunglasses are presented in a classic round shape, and are transformed into a modern creation by the ornate orange studs. The mauve, green and transparent gradient lenses are in harmony with the orange and pink studs and the classic silver frame.

Each design is feminine and graceful in its sleek shape whilst also being modern and unique in its colour and stud finishes. The beauty of design is interlaced into the whole presentation of the collection. The spring/summer 2017 window installations feature new bespoke artwork by German artists Anke Eilergerhard. Sculptures of pastel coloured silicon swirls appear with whipped cream dollops and adorn towers of porcelain in floral designs.

Anke Eilergerhard said of the displays: “When these lush, strangely luxurious sculptures — with their esprit, their nimble wit and their mysterious, metamorphic beauty — meet with the luxury products in Fendi’s flagship stores, the fragility and the ephemerality of the beautiful and everything we associate with it — lust, love, appearance and reality — are contemplated anew in a manner that is, so to speak, bifocal and always idiosyncratic in every case.”

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