Brand Aid

British comedian Russell Brand has been spotted in LA taking a group of homeless people for breakfast. He took them for the meal at the Newsroom Café in West Hollywood. This isn’t the first time Brand has helped out the homeless however. A couple of weeks ago the Rock of Ages star was reported to have taken a homeless man, who he found lying shirtless on the floor outside of his yoga class, home for a bath and some home cooked food. Brand also agreed to take the homeless man to rehab and has put him in touch with some people who can help him out. The Essex born womaniser has himself had some problems in the past with stints in rehab for a drug and sex addiction.

Russell has since however battled his demons and gone on to have a very successful career both on stage and on the small screen. Brand’s first one man show, which won him many admirers for his honest account of his heroin addiction, came in 2004. Since then he has had two further hugely successful stand up tours, his own TV and radio show and has starred in several highly successful Hollywood movies. Brand is a practicing Hindu so perhaps he is hoping to be rewarded for all of his good work and be favourably reincarnated in his next life.