Best of British Vintage is Spring Summer 2012 style inspiration for Paul Smith Sunglasses

Is there anything legendary British fashion designer Paul Smith doesn’t have? A Knighthood, an Outstanding Achievement Award, a fabulous 2012 designer sunglasses collection, the list goes on and on, not bad for a designer whose original ambition was to pursue a career in sport!

This season it’s all about the best of British vintage for Paul Smith eyewear, paying homage to iconic eyewear trends of the 1960’s and 1970’s, ironically the same era’s that inspired Paul at the very beginning of his career.

This season’s Paul Smith sunglasses collection has a cool contemporary twist on his vintage inspiration of 1960’s and 1970’s British movie stars and rockers.

The NEED TO KNOW about the new women’s and men’s collection: sophisticated, hand-crafted with plenty of flattering colours and styles to choose from, what more can you want from a designer sunglasses collection?

We can’t wait for the new collection to arrive at B Sunglasses Towers, and feel honoured to be one of the very few online stores authorised to stock Paul Smith Sunglasses.

All you Paul Smith fans out there keep your designer eyes peeled, new Paul Smith Spring Summer 2012 Sunglasses collection coming very soon to B Sunglasses!

Paul Smith sunglasses, a cut above the rest.