Batman V Superman | Dawn Of Justice

The age old question to comic book fans and geeks the world over has always been: ”which one is better, Marvel or DC”? Superhero movies and tv shows are without a doubt the in thing at the moment, thanks to the likes of Marvel’s Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy and DC’s Arrow and The Flash, but it’s fair to say that Marvel are winning the movie battle and DC are winning with their tv shows, but is this all about to change?


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March 25th is a date that all superhero fans have etched into their subconscious, because this is the day that sees two icons clash with the eagerly awaited Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. DC films in recent years have been pretty poor to say the least, so there are a lot of worried fans out there, but surely they wouldn’t dare get this wrong…would they? This is a movie with Batman and Superman, two of the biggest names ever. How can this fail, I mean seriously, how can it?

But yet we are all still worried. Why? Because it’s DC! What scares us is the fact that in recent years DC films have just not been very good. As much as everyone loves both Superman and Batman, they have both had a mixed run in the box office. Superman started off strong with the late great Christopher Reeve but by the time we got to Superman 4: The Quest for Peace, our hero had become a bit of a joke. The same thing happened with Batman. Tim Burton created the ultimate Batman universe, but by the time we got to Batman and Robin you just couldn’t reverse the damage done by the nipples on the Batsuit and the cheesy direction Joel Schumacher took it in.


Fast forward a decade or two and DC tried to revamp both franchises with mixed success. Superman Returns was just a big turkey and bombed. Batman Begins however was a hit. The only problem was Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman was set in the real world and would not work in the shared universe that DC wanted to do.

So 2013 saw DC start again with the release of Man of Steel, which is a fantastic reboot of the Superman franchise and a great starting point for a new shared DC Universe with Henry Cavill taking over the cape. But the next step is to bring in a new version of Batman so soon after the Nolan trilogy which is tricky, in fact the appointment of Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight has not gone down well with fans at all, so now we are all left hoping he will do a Heath Ledger and nail his version of Batman. Please DC, you have the world in your hands, do not cock it up again, let’s make DC big guns in the movie world the same way that Marvel are! It is time for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice!

So, who do you think would win between the two comic powerhouses?

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