Azealia Banks and Co. Rock Crazy Shades for ‘ATM Jam’

Rapper Azealia Banks has released a new video where she and her badass girl gang are rocking some pretty cool and quirky shades.

Her single ‘ATM Jam’ was released back in the summer at the ‘anything-he-touches-turns-to-gold’ hands of producer Pharrell Williams. Yet finally, Ms. Banks has graced us with a colourful day-glo ‘flower child’ video to compliment her hip-hop track which appears on her long awaited album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ (Now due to be released in January 2014)

Azealia and Co. are spotted wearing some 90s inspired outfits and Japanese Kawaii costumes; one girl sports a pair of glamorous jewelled cateye sunglasses whilst another adopts some funky colored lens teashades.  Kitsch is the aim of the game here with Serial Sunglasses Wearer Azealia in a pair of floral frames.

However, be warned that the lyrics as per are explicit as Azealia is not one to shy away from controversy. This woman has beef with almost every other artist out there including Rita Ora!

Still, we can’t argue that she looks pretty cool here.