Autumn Trends

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We hate to admit it just as much as you, but summer is looking pretty over and done with. On the upside, now is the time to look forward to getting warmed up with our selection of Autumn trends. The good news for your wallet is that many trends are hitting their third or fourth season of being ‘in’, meaning that you can simply revamp existing outfits or pull out that beautiful sweater you never thought you’d wear again. Having said that, there is always a few more brand new trends to expect to creep in.

As many of the fashion weeks have got underway, we not only got a glimpse of what to expect next summer, but the fashionistas spotted at the events are wearing this seasons’ hottest autumn trends. from fur coats to big bold statement colours, we show you what to expect (and what to forget) this autumn.



According to we can expect to see a lot of red this season. What is great about red is that it looks pretty damn good on just about anybody, and you can get it bold enough to really make a statement with any outfit. Whether it is a red knitted jumper, heels, overcoat or (our favourite) sunglasses or glasses. The Italian luxury fashion house Fendi have just released their latest campaign featuring Gigi hadid, and their brand new model of sunglasses is a real show stopper. Coming in blue (first image) or a bold red, and featuring F’s across both lenses they look absolutely amazing. Look out for the frames coming to B Sunglasses soon, they’re expected to sell out pretty fast! In the meantime, check out our latest collection of Fendi



Velvet is a plush, soft material that when worn properly can look beautifully glamorous. It’s a bit too heavy and warm to be worn in the summer months which is why it’s perfect to break out in the autumn trends outfit. Look to wear it in a dress, a smart shirt or maybe if you’re feeling very adventurous some velvet sunglasses. Guess what, we have you covered if the latter is what you desire. Check out the velvet sunglasses by Italia Independent above!


Thick Glasses

Forever being associated with office geeks, the thick rimmed glasses look always looks awesome when it’s pulled off properly. Coming in to autumn means that you can opt with a style that is a bit heavier in aesthetic. Perfect for these super glamorous Gucci glasses in Black. They are actually surprisingly easy to style and can look great in the office or out for a nice meal. Shop them here