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The Skyfall premiere, which is the 23rd instalment of the longest running movie franchise of all time, is fast approaching. Daniel Craig returns as the suave, sophisticated secret agent while Javier Bardem returns to his familiar role as the evil villain. This will be Craig’s third outing as the MI6 secret weapon. Some critics have hailed Skyfall as the best Bond movie ever, moving the franchise into the 21st century with an intricate plot involving cyber terrorists while maintaining all of the old characteristics that make Bond movies so special.

With every James Bond movie an enormous attention to detail is paid to the locations, the cars, the fashion and even the alcohol! In his latest outing Bond is set to mirror the ‘modern man’ and opts against his usual Martini, shaken not stirred, for a bottle of Heineken. Of course, Britain’s saviour can’t go round in any old clothes as it is reported he will be donning an extensive range of Tom Ford clothing. 007’s sunglasses choice has also been leaked in the media with Craig spotted on set wearing the Tom Ford sunglasses, “Marko Aviator”, available from B Sunglasses in three colours. Skyfall is due for release in UK cinemas on October 26th and in the USA on November 9th.

Brand Aid

British comedian Russell Brand has been spotted in LA taking a group of homeless people for breakfast. He took them for the meal at the Newsroom Café in West Hollywood. This isn’t the first time Brand has helped out the homeless however. A couple of weeks ago the Rock of Ages star was reported to have taken a homeless man, who he found lying shirtless on the floor outside of his yoga class, home for a bath and some home cooked food. Brand also agreed to take the homeless man to rehab and has put him in touch with some people who can help him out. The Essex born womaniser has himself had some problems in the past with stints in rehab for a drug and sex addiction.

Russell has since however battled his demons and gone on to have a very successful career both on stage and on the small screen. Brand’s first one man show, which won him many admirers for his honest account of his heroin addiction, came in 2004. Since then he has had two further hugely successful stand up tours, his own TV and radio show and has starred in several highly successful Hollywood movies. Brand is a practicing Hindu so perhaps he is hoping to be rewarded for all of his good work and be favourably reincarnated in his next life.

The Killers Return

Monday marked The Killers follow up to their 2008 album Day & Age. After a four year hiatus from making music together and brief forays into solo work from lead singer Brandon Flowers, drummer Ronnie Vannucci and bassist Mark Stoermer; the Las Vegas locals are back with the album Battle Born. With a lot of the songs on the album based on the highs and lows of living in Sin City, Flowers holds no punches with his usual eccentric song writing which makes it well worth the price tag. The Vegas quartet have also announced a November UK Arena tour with tickets selling out fast nationwide.

The band rose to international stardom after the release of their debut album Hot Fuss in 2004. Since then the band have gone from strength to strength winning countless music awards and numerous songs being voted into top tracks of the decade polls. The Killers have also been invited to play performances by several politicians at political events. Topping up the band’s impressive CV is the recognition they have gained for their work with the Product Red campaign, which helps the fight against AIDS in Africa. Undoubtedly Battle Born will be topping the album charts worldwide making The Killers a force to be reckoned with even after 8 years in the business.

Moyles Calls It A Day

Chris Moyles performed his last ever Radio 1 breakfast show this morning. With the Radio 1 hierarchy setting their sights on a younger average viewing age, Nick Grimshaw has been drafted in to take the reins of the breakfast show. Moyles is set to make his acting debut as King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar which begins on September 24th.

Moyles leaves the show having been the longest serving and most successful Radio 1 breakfast show host with listening figures of around 7 million at one point. Chris has also appeared regularly on TV during his time on radio including hosting his own quiz show on channel 4. The presenter also took part in the comic relief charity trek of Kilimanjaro, with the whole breakfast team responsible for raising approximately 10.4 million for charity over the 8 years the show ran for.

Yesterday’s penultimate show saw the Radio 1 Breakfast team take to the stage and perform the show in front of an audience of around 200 listeners. Numerous celebrity friends swung by the studio including a this is your life special hosted by Ant & Dec. Countless tributes poured in over twitter and text, so much so that the Radio 1 text feed was broken by the 120,000 texts that the show received from well-wishers. The Leeds natives signed off his last ever broadcast with the following message

Thank you for listening, thanks for supporting us and with a risk of sounding ridiculously cheesy, thanks for making all or dreams come true

Tinie Tempah – Going for Gold!

Tinie Tempah, or Patrick to his Mum, seen here riding around in Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

After starting his career in 2007 with nothing more than a mix tape, he went on to a meteoric rise to stardom in 2010 with his number 1 ‘pass out’ selling more than 92,000 copies in its first week alone. This allowed him to sail to victory in the Brit Awards by taking Best British Breakthrough Artist.

Growing up on the infamous Aylesbury Estate in South East London, acknowledged as perhaps the roughest place to live in Britain, he talks openly about how it inspired him to succeed:

London is one of the only places in the world where you can live in a council block and see a beautiful house across the street. Growing up around that was inspirational, it kept me motivated

His outfit at the closing ceremony is fitting in chasing gold, as metallics and gold in particular are set to be a big trend next spring. Not an easy look for many to pull off, go for too much and it could be overwhelmingly tacky – think Jimmy Saville on steroids. So why not follow Tinie Tempah’s lead and go for accessories first like this pair of Paul Smith Sunglasses in Havana Brown.

Stone Island Sunglasses Fan – Russell Tovey

Russell Tovey first shot to fame with Alan Bennett’s 2004 production of The History Boys, in spite of having worked tirelessly in show business 10 years beforehand. After a successful stint treading the boards he went on to play countless much loved character roles in series such as Being Human and Him & Her.

He has often commented on how his role in Him & Her, captured the real-life Tovey the most accurately. The series shows an intimate portrayal of a young twenty-something couple in their lazy, messy everyday reality. Naturally it’s mostly filmed in a filthy bedroom.

His blokishness has allowed him to create a unique relaxed style. Going for casual designers such as Stone Island, which creates a self assured look and portrays the kind of guy that’s good banter down the pub. However, this hasn’t always sat well with his open homosexuality, describing the difficulty in avoiding being typecast into gay roles. In spite of this he has showed his impressive self-confidence in waiting for roles that best suit his talents, stating he wants a career

like Julie Walters has had, just as a bloke!

Arise Sir Wiggo

It seems 2012 belongs to Bradley Wiggins. Not only did he become the first ever Briton to win the Tour de France in its entire 99-year history, but he has also surpassed Sir Steve Redgrave in becoming Britain’s most decorated Olympic Athlete – with a sizable stash of no less than 7 shiny medals – after scooping Gold in the road trial event this week.

His impressive cycling career all started due to his Australian father’s passion for endurance cycling. Following suit Wiggins had already began cycling at the Herne Hill Velodrome by the age of 12, going on to represent Camden in the London Youth Games, a feat that earned him a place in its hall of fame in 2010. His passion and hard work paid off so much that as a youthful 20 year old he won his first ever Olympic medal (bronze) in the Sydney Olympics in 2000, before going on to sign professionally as a racing cyclist.

In honour of Wiggins’ stellar career and stunning Tour de France win this year he rang the bell to begin the explosive Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic games.

Bradley is a well known mod. As a result of his individual and retro style it was announced earlier this year that he would be joining forces with Fred Perry in bringing out his own clothing line with the brand in order to create “an authentic, non-technical range of cycle-wear.”

Givenchy Gets Royal Seal Of Approval

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has been spotted on her most recent royal outings in the latest eyewear Givenchy has to offer for the 2012 season. After first appearing at the Wimbledon Men’s Final with her sister Pippa Middleton in these stylish classics, it has become clear that they are a clear favourite of the Duchess’. Seen here in them yet again whilst at the Equestrian Eventing at Greenwich Park along with her husband Prince William.

Kate Middleton first become a fashion sensation after her engagement was first announced back in November 2010, her mix of high end fashion pieces teamed with the more affordable from the high street has created an impressive line of follower ranging from the girl next door to A-list celebrities, with Angelina Jolie reported to be an avid fan regularly adopting the Duchess of Cambridge’s unique style. Her fairytale wedding went endeared her to us all as well as cementing her role as one of the greatest fashion icons of the 21st century.

Why not adopt a similarly regal look with our Givenchy Oversize Wide Arm Diamante Detail Sunglasses in Black and Gold.

Olympic Spotlight – Tom Daley

In the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games it’s only fitting to talk about the style of one Britain’s most favoured competitors. Tom Daley first rose to prominence in the public imagination in the 2008 Olympics when he was the youngest person ever to represent his country, in the 10-metre platform diving event, at the tender age of 14. In spite of his father sadly passing away in 2011 after a long and arduous battle with cancer Tom has gone on to win countless competitions and medals. In the past he has openly declared how his family hardship and schoolyard bullying, due to his fame and fortune, as something that has strengthened him. Demonstrating a steely determination to succeed no matter what gets in his way.

Therefore it is only fitting that his fashion sense should be indicative of his impressive character for such a young man. Here he can be seen demonstrating the classic wayfarer style whilst enjoying a well earned break from the spotlight. What’s key to note here is that he’s gone for a classic style over the many fleeting fashion trends available. A strong, solid look that suits the shape of his face and endears him to a classic style. By investing in a well chosen designer piece these Ray-Ban’s will last him a lifetime. Few fashion accessories are able to offer such timeless elegance like a well chosen pair of sunglasses. Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever as they say; have no doubt we’ll see him donning these beauties many times in the future.

Tom Daley is under huge pressure to perform in his home nation in the forthcoming Olympic Games and if his past is anything to go by then he is the front runner to gold by a long way.

Why not emulate Tom’s timeless elegance with our Ray-Ban® Wayfarer Sunglasses in Crystal Brown Tortoisehell?

Olympic Fever

H&M have just announced that they will open two pop up shops next month, specifically focusing on sportswear in dedication to the games. The shops will be opened on July 6 and July 7, with one in Covent Garden and another next to the Olympic Park, running for all 10 weeks of the games. With the store next to the Olympic Park potentially becoming a permanent feature if it is successful.

H&M also announced that both stores will have an exclusive limited edition range of clothing in red, white and blue.

In other Olympics news, yesterday, the countdown to the games progressed as Giant Olympic rings were suspended from Tower Bridge with Boris and Lord Coe onlooking. The rings are certainly striking, 25 metres wide and 11.5 metres tall, weighing three tonnes each. They cost £259,817 which has apparently been covered by the £32 million Look and Celebration budget which supports all cultural events across London. A dazzling light show is planned across all the bridges of London, bringing the city and the rings to life.

Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were announced recently to be taking part in the closing ceremony of the London Olympics. Taking to the catwalk in order to show off British fashion. With the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen set to be designing for the event, prepare for the spectacular.