How to Authenticate Prada Sunglasses?

A range of Prada sunglasses here at B Sunglasses (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)

Prada is one of the biggest brands in the world, with branches and shops in dozens of countries. The Prada brand is synonymous with style, sophistication, and luxury, and it designs everything from clothing and fragrances, to accessories and eyewear. From talking to our customers and researching online, we know that a lot of people are anxious to authenticate their Prada sunglasses and to avoid fraudsters. This guide will help you authenticate your Prada sunglasses and avoid buying faking Prada sunglasses in the first place.

How do you Authenticate Prada Sunglasses?

An official Prada sunglasses case

Everything you get from B Sunglasses is 100% authentic. We send buyers to all of the biggest suppliers to make sure we get the top designer brands straight from the source. However, if you choose to buy Prada sunglasses on eBay or from another less-regulated website, you may need to make sure the sunglasses are genuine. There are several different factors that can help you authenticate your Prada sunglasses; look for some of all of these factors when your Prada sunglasses arrive in the post:

  1. Check all of the logos on your sunglasses, cases, boxes, etc. Compare it with the official logo and look for any deviations. Prada is very particular about its brand and poor imitations of it may be clear from the logo itself.
  2. Check the logo on the inside of the right temple. This will include the Prada logo, a ‘Made in Italy’, and ‘CE’ which means that it conforms with European regulations.
  3. Check the left temple to find a Prada sunglasses model number. The model number will start with the letter S. Also included in the model number will be a set of numbers that correspond to the nose width, lens width, and the length of the temples.
  4. All newer Prada sunglasses have a serial number subtly etched onto the right lens, in the top right corner. This number is very small and it’s hard for fraudsters to imitate.
  5. The outside of the left lens should also have a Prada logo etched into it. Make sure that the logo is readable from the outside (so it’ll be on the right side) and that the style of the logo is the same as the other logos in the sunglasses, box, case, etc.
  6. There is an official Prada box for your sunglasses, with a label that includes a barcode and model number. Of course, a fake pair of sunglasses can be encased in a real box, but this is just one of the indicators of authenticity. You can check the barcode on sites like Barcode Lookup, to check that the code matches the sunglasses you’ve been promised.
  7. Make sure there is an official Prada glasses case (pictured above) for your sunglasses. The case will look different depending on the pair of sunglasses you order. But as all of Prada’s sunglasses are luxury items, the case should be particularly well made and of a very high quality. If the case is falling apart or clearly made of inferior materials, then it is most likely a fake.
  8. Look for an information booklet, as most retailers will also provide you with a small booklet with specifications about your new sunglasses.
  9. Look for a Prada-branded dust cloth inside your glasses case. This is a high-quality, luxury purchase, so the least you can ask for is a dust cloth… It’s also a standard issue with all Prada sunglasses.


How to Avoid Buying Fake Prada Sunglasses?

You can understand exactly how to authenticate Prada sunglasses (as detailed above), but that isn’t going to help you if whoever sold them to you isn’t willing to give you a refund. It’s much better if you can completely avoid fraudulent designer eyewear altogether. The best advice is to only buy from online retailers that meet the following standards:

  1. They must have a real address on their contact page. Check the address on Google to make sure they’re situated where they say they are.
  2. They must have some kind of customer review function, such as Trustpilot or Feefo (we use Feefo and have five stars!). It’s important that the service does not allow the website to edit the reviews; you want to see exactly what people are saying about the company before you buy from them.
  3. Read the company’s returns policy. If it’s not obvious where their returns policy is, contact them, but this is not a good sign. It is an online retailer’s responsibility to make sure that they are as trustworthy as possible. It’s their responsibility to convince you that they are trustworthy; you shouldn’t have to ask.
  4. Do a quick Google search of their company and see what comes up. If they are less than reputable, you may find that people have complained about them on an online forum.
  5. Check their social media platforms as the way they talk to their followers will tell you a lot about them as a business. Sometimes, frustrated customers can put complaints up on social media, so this is another great way of spotting any worrying red flags.
  6. Pay attention to the price. Prada is one of the biggest luxury brands in the world, and their sunglasses are never cheap. Even with 50% off in a sale, they will never be £15 or £20. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. And, if you have any doubt, you can search for the same model on a different website. Here at B Sunglasses, we pride ourselves in providing Prada and other big designers’ sunglasses at the best prices in the UK, and we have regular sales, offering huge discounts. However, you will probably never see a our top designer sunglasses at such cheap prices that it causes you to doubt whether the deal is real or not. This is the case for other retailers too!


That’s all we have time for in this guide. We hope you’ve found it useful and that it helps a few users avoid fake Prada sunglasses and to authenticate their Prada sunglasses. We have a huge Prada sunglasses collection here at B Sunglasses, and we’re massive fans. We know the thrill of opening brand-new, authentic Prada sunglasses and we hope we can help a few people avoid disappointment. If you have any questions about our Prada sunglasses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.