Appreciating MIU MIU’s Avant-garde Approach to Eyewear Design

An assortment of MIU MIU’s stunning sunglasses

MIU MIU is one of our most popular designer brands, and we have a few ideas as to why: MIU MIU’s approach to eyewear design is often surprising; it’s not afraid to make big, opulent designs, and to experiment with new (and old) eyewear forms. MIU MIU has inherited all of Prada’s quality ad finesse, but it has a different MO: to innovate as much as possible. This blog post will look at several of MIU MIU’s current sunglasses styles, explaining why they impress us so much!

A Brief History of MIU MIU


To understand MIU MIU’s experimental approach to eyewear design, we have to take a little time to understand where the brand came from. MIU MIU’s history is a short one, as it was founded by Miuccia Prada, the current Creative Director of Prada and the granddaughter of the brand’s original founder, Mario Prada. Miuccia took over from her mother at Prada in 1978 and she’s the main reason the brand expanded, becoming one of the most successful names in the fashion world.

However, Miuccia has an experimental side to her that Prada’s classic, understated aesthetic just couldn’t satisfy. So, in 1993, she created the subsidiary company, MIU MIU, to be an outlet for a more ‘immediate’ and ‘spontaneous’ kind of design, in comparison to Prada’s sophisticated, considered approach. This is why the brands have such different aesthetics, even though all of the best designs from both brands come from the same Creative Director. Keep this idea of ‘immediate’ and ‘spontaneous’ design in your mind as we look through some of MIU MIU’s most impressive avant-garde designs…

MIU MIU’s Heart Lens Round Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Heart Lens round sunglasses (topbottom)

MIU MIU plays with our expectations of round sunglasses as inherently simple shapes by overlaying heart shapes with different colours, creating a stained-glass window effect that we’ve never seen before. Round sunglasses usually have an innately vintage feel, and MIU MIU’s Heart Lens take on the design modernises the style considerably. This is the perfect buy if you already have a classic pair of round sunglasses and you’re looking for something new!

MIU MIU’s Abstract Heart Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Abstract Heart sunglasses (topbottom)

If you like the heart shape, then you might also like MIU MIU’s Abstract Heart sunglasses. The effect is much less experimental than the overlaid Heart Lens Round design discussed above, and the overall aesthetic is a lot calmer and more understated. MIU MIU has softened the traditional heart shape here, making it rounder — more apple-shaped — and the overall effect is incredibly sophisticated and refined. Perhaps this is an example of Prada’s aesthetic bleeding into MIU MIU’s… However, there is something a little younger about the heart shape that feels very much in line with MIU MIU’s aesthetic.

MIU MIU’s Ornate Metal Wire Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Ornate Metal Wire sunglasses (topbottom)

MIU MIU’s Ornate Metal Wire sunglasses design is another example of the brand’s ability to take a classic shape we all know and do something fresh and interesting with it. The lens shape is somewhere between round and oval and it is slightly raised in its outer upper corners, so there is an ever-so-slight cateye effect. The metal wire frame sits away from the lenses, giving them a rimless look but with a lot of extra lines and shapes that complement the lenses perfectly.

MIU MIU’s Rimless Metal Twist Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Rimless Metal Twist sunglasses (topbottom)

MIU MIU’s Rimless Metal Twist sunglasses tap into the same aesthetic as the Ornate Metal Wire sunglasses discussed above, but they make use of more elegant, feminine lines and produce something a little more refined and understated. The deep violet and blue-grey colours are rich and sophisticated, and the overall effect is modern, but not to the same degree as the next design…

MIU MIU’s Double Lens Cateye Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Double Lens cateye sunglasses (topbottom)

With the same colour scheme as the Rimless Metal Twist sunglasses discussed above, MIU MIU’s Double Lens cateye concept is a great example of the brand’s ultra-creative approach to the traditional cateye design! It uses three different shades of the same colour layered on top of one another to create a futuristic effect. This fresh take on a vintage style transforms the retro cateye into something new and modern.

MIU MIU’s Scenique Curvy Cateye Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Scenique Curvy cateye sunglasses (topbottom)

MIU MIU’s Scenique Curvy Cateye sunglasses follow its recent cateye obsession and the brand’s predilection for wire frames. MIU MIU has given us its own take on a popular current style that uses round lenses with a cateye frame. The effect feels modern, but less experimental than some of its other sunglasses. This makes the Scenique design perfect for people who love MIU MIU’s aesthetic but aren’t looking for their biggest, wildest pair of sunglasses.

MIU MIU’s Cut Out Lens Square Sunglasses

MIU MIU’s Cut Out Lens square sunglasses (topbottom)

Many of MIU MIU’s designs are bigger and bolder than 90% of its competitors’ designs, but it hasn’t sacrificed elegance for opulence. These Cut Out Lens square sunglasses could only have ever come from MIU MIU, as there is a degree of free-form experimentation that sets MIU MIU apart from other designers. The overall silhouette is square, but if you look closely, you’ll see the various shapes within the design: there is a large circle, then a cateye tilted teardrop shape within that. Putting these various shapes together creates an interesting effect and is perhaps the best example of MIU MIU’s avant-garde approach to eyewear design.


That’s all we have time for in today’s blog post. We haven’t covered anywhere close to all of the amazing eyewear designs in our MIU MIU sunglasses collection, but we hope we’ve given you a pretty great overview of how and why MIU MIU is one of the biggest names in the eyewear industry right now. We’re extremely proud of how many fabulous MIU MIU sunglasses we have in stock here at B Sunglasses and we hope to add even more to our collection very soon. MIU MIU is a massive creative force in the eyewear industry and we can’t wait to see what it comes up with next!