Alessandro Michele – The Man behind the Gucci Resurgence

It was the beginning of 2015 when Alessandro Michele was appointed by Gucci to be the new Creative Director. The appointment was initially met with great surprise seeing as Michele was relatively unknown, and was now sailing the ship of one of the most iconic, billion dollar high end fashion houses in the world.

Michele himself was surprised; the 42 year old stated that he wasn’t even in the running for the position following the abrupt dismissal of his predecessor Frida Giannini. The two couldn’t have been further apart, Giannini being famed for sleek understatement while Alessandro Michele’s personal style was more hippy, floral prints and silks with handfuls of rings.

Giannini’s partner, and at the time Gucci CEO Patrizio Di Marco had also departed the brand. This led the way for Marco Bizzarri to take charge of business. It was Bizzarri who appointed Alessandro Michele to the creative director role, and not many people could really argue with his decision, as it was Bizzarri who had recently doubled luxury brand Bottega Veneta’s revenue. Point taken.

Alessandro Michele had been working at Gucci since 2002, initially applying his trade in London alongside none other than Tom Ford. When asked about Giannini, Michele told Vogue

“We are really such different people,”

he says.

“Night and day. I am trying to cause a little revolution inside the company—to push another language, a different way to talk about beauty and sexiness, which is an old word. It’s about sensuality now. When I started the first collection, I was thinking not in terms of fashion but in terms of attitude,” he adds, “that sense of beauty which I tried to find for an old and beautiful and charming brand like Gucci.” –

Since his appointment Gucci has seen a surge in revenue every year, and this year it’s definitely the word on everyone’s lips in the fashion world. The Gucci print t-shirt is probably the most sought after item in any fashionistas arsenal this season, and the shows have been nigh on impossible for any mere mortal to get into. The shows have been incredible, where Michelle has been able to really flaunt his beautiful imagination, and shake up the idea of luxury once more. One show involved tinting an entire room in Milan to a pink colour, an ode to Venetian courtesans. He then filled the room with smoke among an abundance of hanging shards of mirror, it was spectacular.

Alessandro Michele’s collections have just been getting better and better, this season is no exception. Fantastical silk prints and 70’s glamour are mixed with a whole host of influences, creating a beautifully colourful collection.

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