A Look at the Tom Ford Directed ‘Nocturnal Animals’

There’s been mixed reviews here at B Sunglasses of the new film Nocturnal Animals. As has there been all across the film industry. “Tom Ford should stick to making sunglasses” was one comment we had here, and across the board many are saying the film is trying too hard, is just a bit too cool, and with not enough substance. Others however, are saying the film is magnificent, beautiful and incredibly well acted. We take a look at the film from both perspectives and see how one of our favourite designers here at B Sunglasses got on with his second sitting in the director’s chair.

The film is based on the Austin Wright Novel ‘Tony and Susan’ from 1993, and stars firm favourites Amy Adams (formerly of Catch me if you can, or more recently Lois Lane in Batman vs Superman.) and Jake Gyllenhaal (from cult favourite Donny Darko to name one). The pair seems to go well together, Gyllenhaal plays Edward Sheffield; Adam’s Texan ex-husband who previously wrote a novel about his wife named ‘Nocturnal Animals’. Susan (Amy Adams) decides to read the novel written 20 years ago as she receives a transcript of it, and as she reads it the two characters stories begin to cross.

Naturally, the film is visually stunning. Combining crystal clear imagery with jaw-dropping style, each character within the film has been costumed in a way that makes the film incredibly stylish, but without looking like it was trying. However, some of the story-line does seem to have lost some substance because of this.
It’s clear why Ford cast who he did. Amy Adams has captivated audiences frequently, with mesmerizing performances using her incredibly emotive facial expressions. Ford uses these as she is reading the novel, where he then visualizes the story within a story that is going on. Gyllenhaal is a no brainer, the handsome yet slightly rugged and dirty look mixed with his portrayal of a troubled soul seems to go down well in most movie settings. This being said, some of the plot is hard to follow and immensely clouded in artistic metaphor throughout. So if you’re in to a more ‘to-the-point’ blunt force action film or wacky rom-com, look elsewhere.

While aesthetic pleasure is certainly a key part of the films allure, it doesn’t overshadow the storyline. However it would be wrong to talk about the film and not mention some of the incredible outfits Ford includes in the film. Adams looks as glamorous as you can imagine, living in a modern interior design house with flash cars in the driveway, adorning catwalk-ready clothing at all times. You can spot Susan wearing Tom Ford glasses as she is reading the novel in bed, and the characters she dreams up from the book are normally equally as stylish as she is.

nocturnal glasses

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Jake Gyllenhaal plays a slightly less glamorous role, but equally as stylish. The Texan novel writer pulls off a denim jacket and Tom Ford aviators as good as anyone possibly could. The scenes are beautifully shot and the director’s emotive use of lighting really incorporates a sense of mystery and drama.

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