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Here at B Sunglasses we’re bringing our readers a weekly round-up of all the best, most relevant news about sunglasses, designer eyewear, and fashion in general. We like to stay on top of all-things-sunglasses, and we’d like to help you do the same. Read on to get this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up.

Summer Comes Early!

summer photo


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The biggest news this week is that the UK has had its first glimpse of summer – over a month before summer’s official start date on June 20th. This burst of sunshine is quite a relief after the late snowstorms we saw in the middle of April! This week, Britain’s gardens and parks were filled with the aromas of sun cream, Pimms and barbeque smoke; and our shorts, sunglasses, and summer dresses were all pulled out from the bottom of our wardrobes. With temperatures reaching as high as 26 °C in London on Sunday 8th of May we’re taking it as a good sign that 2016 is

going to have a beautiful British summer. If you’re looking for your 2016 summer look, check out our entire range of designer sunglasses today.


World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week (10th – 16th May)


On a different note, this week is World Retinoblastoma Awareness Week and it’s a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about this disease. Retinoblastoma is a type of eye cancer that affects young children (usually aged six or under), with as many as 50–60 cases dia

gnosed in the UK each year. If found early, retinoblastoma has a high cure rate, at over 90%. Raising awareness of this disease and how to spot it early is a huge part of this awareness week, so you might light to take a little time to find out more about Retinoblastoma on the official website. You can also donate to the cause on thei

r JustGiving page.


The 69th Cannes Film Festival

This week also saw the advent of the 69th Cannes Film Festival. Some people focus on the films, and others focus on the glamour. At B Sunglasses, we definitely fit into the second category. This year’s Cannes saw some beautiful suits, dresses and stylish sunglasses. Here are our top three picks from this year’s Cannes Film Festival:

Naomi Watts


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Naomi Watts was elegant yet casual in the summer ensemble of jumpsuit, scarf, square-rimmed sunglasses, and cream hat. She makes style appear effortless, and perhaps, for her, it is.

Susan Sarandon


Image source

Susan Sarandon looked incredibly chic and sophisticated in her suit, blouse, and oversized cat-eye sunglasses. It’s hard to believe Sarandon is 69 years old – the exact same age as Cannes Film Festival itself!

Jessica Chastain


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Jessica Chastain looked glamorous, yet understated, in her black dress and oversized, hexagonal-rimmed sunglasses. It’s almost as though she’s trying to blend into the crowd but can’t bear to not look good while she does it…


Watch Out for Fake Oakleys!

In a victory against the trade of cheap knockoff sunglasses, Darlington court has prosecuted local man Fergal Hague for making over £1000 selling fake Oakley sunglasses online for £30 each. Authorities spotted that something was awry as most Oakley sunglasses go for £100–£200, depending on the model – although we have a few special deals that drop a little beneath £100, so have a look at our range of genuine Oakley sunglasses to find out more.


Image: B Sunglasses authentic Oakley Sliver Sunglasses in Polished Black Fire Iridium (Now £84.00)

We’re pleased to see a case like this has achieved a prosecution, and we hope it gets the message out there to shoppers. Oakley is one of the world’s top sunglass designers, and you will never find an authentic pair for £30 or less. You should also look out for flaky paint, Oakley’s logo placement and marks on lenses (compare against models on our website or the official Oakley website), raised plastic seams from poor quality plastic moulds, and stickers (Oakley NEVER use stickers). There are lots of ways to spot fakes and we’ll follow up soon with a dedicated blog post to help you look authentically fabulous this summer.


Norfolk Lamb Gets Fitted with Snazzy Shades

Image source: SWNS

Flash, a three-week-old lamb on a farm in Norfolk, was fitted with sunglasses to protect his eyes and allow him to enjoy the lovely British sunshine. At just three-days old Flash’s right eye was diagnosed with uveitis, which is a painful affliction that makes a lamb’s eye red and highly sensitive to bright light. He was treated with antibiotics and is no longer in danger, but his eye is still very sensitive. Where some farmers might have ignored Flash’s problem, Flash’s farmers fitted him with his very own sheep sunglasses.

That’s all the B Sunglasses News for this week. We hope you’ll come back for next week’s sunglasses and fashion round-up.