2016 Ray-Ban® #ITTAKESCOURAGE Campaign

When people think of sunglasses one of the first names that come to mind is Ray-Ban®. For Ray-Ban® being the leader of the pack means keeping ahead of the game, and with summer almost here, we’ve done a little digging to see what they have in store for us for 2016?

New Ray-Ban® Available At B Sunglasses

It’s good news for all the Ray-Ban® addicts out there, a new series of innovative Ray-Ban® products are now available for purchase and what better way to celebrate the exciting new collection? The launch of a brand new Ray-Ban® advertising campaign of course!


The new global #ITTAKESCOURAGE Ray-Ban® campaign launched on April 1st, full of positivity the campaigns messages are a breath of fresh air in these troubled times.


With the hashtag #ITTAKESCOURAGE Ray-Ban® are once again pushing the boundaries and making you think, they want people to see that you don’t have to be a copycat and that it takes more courage to be yourself, to try new things and to take those steps to do something you wouldn’t normally do.


Ray-Ban® are encouraging fans to stand out from the crowd and to push themselves rather than just keeping up with others. It’s everything that Ray-Ban® embraces as a brand and it’s definitely something we can do in our lives as well!


Taking courage Ray-Ban® have pushed themselves to give us more, they’ve added new features such as gradient flash lenses for new depths of colour, more lightweight and resistant frames, new chromance lenses for brighter colours and enhanced contrasts.


The most exciting innovation for 2016 is the merging of 2 classic styles to create a brand new Ray-Ban® Legend… The Clubround. Ray-Ban® have cleverly fused the iconic Clubmaster style with the retro Round style to create the brand new Clubround style, taking the best of both worlds and making it into the perfect hybrid. Showing us that they practice what they preach, it certainly takes courage to mess with a classic, luckily for Ray-Ban® it has most definitely paid off. The new style is definitely a winner at B Sunglasses Towers!


With the new series already in stock at B Sunglasses it is safe to say that you are in good hands! So… Ray-Ban® have made the improvements, they have made some changes and more importantly they have delivered a great new collection, the question is will you stick with a classic or will you try something new?

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