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When you think of Mountain Biking you think fast paced adrenaline junkies going hell for leather on all kinds of mad terrain no matter the weather, but apart from the obvious (a bike and big balls) what is the one thing these guys really need just to make sure they can compete?


They need to be able to see. Because it doesn’t matter how fast you can peddle or how skilled you are at not falling off your bike when you go over wet terrain, tree roots or jump rivers, if you can’t see then you are not going to be able to do any of it…or at least not for very long.


Now we all know the problems of getting a good pair of glasses that you can still see out of when it’s raining, or if you are doing a physical activity you need a pair that don’t fog up when you start to breathe hard, but add into the mix rain hitting you at speed, mud splattering everywhere, the light changing as you wiz through the trees amongst other things then it gets a bit more tricky. These will all cause an issue when you really need to be able see, not only will your performance be affected if you can’t see, it’s ridiculously dangerous too.


Thankfully this is where a company called Ryders comes into it. Now if you are into mountain biking you will already know their name, but don’t worry if you don’t, because these guys are about to become very well-known away from the mountain biking scene too which is great news for those of you who do any kind of sport, or who just want a really durable and great looking pair of sunglasses.

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The reason Ryders eyewear are so good is simple, they know their stuff. They have been going for 30 years, in fact they were there at the very start when mountain biking was only just emerging as a sport, so they haven’t just popped up with some new gimmick.


They have taken all of their experience and expertise and put it together with some advanced scientific know how and then mixed it all together with some style to create a range of incredible looking sunglasses that will not only work in some crazy conditions, but won’t come off, slip around or break just because you’ve dropped them.


These are a range of sunglasses that will not only go head to head with the big names when it comes to looking great but they will make sure you can still see if you are pushing things to the extreme, be it a sport like mountain biking through a muddy forest or driving a car at crazy speeds around a race track.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look for yourself. Check out their new range here at B Sunglasses or visit their website to see what other people have said about them, just know that if you want a great looking pair of sunglasses that will not let you down then look no further than Ryders.

So what will you be doing in your new pair, will it be something extreme?

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