Easter Fun And Games For The Whole Family

Easter is a great time for families to spend time together so here at B Sunglasses we have come up with our favourite Easter Egg activities that you can all enjoy as a family without having to break the bank.

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Easter Egg Hunt.


This is quite a traditional past time for Easter as its good fun for people of all ages hunting all over the garden looking for those hidden eggs. But another way to add a bit of a spin is to do it a bit like a treasure hunt with clues leading them to their next egg and clue. If you don’t have much space to do this yourself don’t worry as lots of museums and attractions put on various versions of an Easter Egg Hunt. Cadbury’s have them running in various locations all over the UK.


Egg & Spoon Races.


Again these are quite traditional but can be so much fun, though you can make it more fun by putting obstacles in the way so instead of it just being a sprint to the finish line you can make it more of an obstacle course, though you may need spare eggs for this one.


Egg Rolling.

This is a very old school game that might be new to most families these days. All you need to do is boil a load of eggs and each person will paint theirs so you can tell them all apart, you then find a nice big hill to roll your eggs down. There are a few ways you can do this. The fastest egg to reach the bottom or the egg that rolls the furthest, though the winning egg has to make it without cracking.

Egg Roulette.


This one is a messy game so you have been warned! This is very similar to Russian Roulette and a lot safer to play. You can play this with 2 or more players. With 2 players you get a box of eggs and hard boil all but 1 and then put them back into the box so the players do not know which egg is which, they then take it in turns to pick an egg and then bang it on the top of their head, if it’s the hard boiled egg then the shell might crack but that is all, it then becomes the next players turn. If they chose the soft egg it will splat all over their head and they lose.  Players keep taking it in turns until someone gets the soft egg.


If you play it with more than too players you can either buy a bigger box and still have only 1 soft egg or you can play with a few boxes of eggs with several soft ones mixed in, you play the same rules until all of the soft eggs are used up, those without egg on their heads win a prize, though once you crack a soft egg on your head you are then out of the game and don’t get to pick any more.

So what games will you be playing? If you have any we don’t then let us know in the comments.

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