6 Performance Eyewear you didn’t know you needed

As the fitness juggernaut continues to sweep the globe, we take you through some performance eyewear that you need to have in your life. In case you hadn’t noticed, people are starting to combine a lot of their day to day outfit with performance wear. A big factor in this is likely to be comfort, because if you live a busy life where you are on your feet a lot a pair of comfy trainers is likely to make you far more productive than some boots. It’s not just enhancing your day to day life, though. Technology is continuously advancing when it comes to performance wear with new ‘boost’ technology in Adidas trainers, ultra lightweight but breathable waterproof systems from Under Armour and super light, durable football boots to name a few. Performance Eyewear, however is right up there with the fast moving sports technology and we are hear to show you exactly why you should think about getting involved.


Freedom Polarised Sport Wrap Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell

These sunglasses set in shiny brown tortoiseshell are a sleek, stylish addition to any outdoor look, with black rubber nose pads that maximise comfort and a wrapped frame that gives the best possible fit.

SUUNA Madrid Plastic Sports Wrap Sunglasses in Black

The thick temples of these Sunna sunglasses create the best possible fit, while the rectangular wrap shaping provides optimum comfort. Grey lenses finish off the understated monochrome look and provide total UV protection.

Oakley Crosslink MNP Glasses in Satin Black

A great middle ground between sporty and casual aesthetics. The satin black frame looks great and the wraparound arms are designed to hug close to your face ensuring they don’t wiggle when you’re running, cycling, or just living an active lifestyle.

Oakley Cavendish Jawbreaker Sunglasses in Polished Black

Oakley Jawbreaker’s have an extended view thanks to the specially designed lens. The patented Switchlock lens technology allows for a quick and easy interchangeable lens process enabling the wearer to customise which lens they need to adapt to the changing conditions. The ventilated design of the lens also ensures a crisp view no matter how hot or cold the weather is. The special edition Mark Cavendish series comes in a polished black frame with green detailing, symbolic of the sprinter’s green jersey at the Tour De France, and also come with the innovative Prizm road lens. Awesome performance eyewear for keen cyclists.

Oakley Radar Pace Personal Training System

RADAR PACE™ is a real-time voice activated coaching system. It creates a training program, tracks your performance and coaches you in the moment. Powered by Intel, it’s like having a trainer with you whenever you’re running or cycling, a mentor that gives you the help and motivation you need to take performance to a whole new level. The sunglasses are the most pioneering piece of performance eyewear ever created, and are truly mind blowing.


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