5 Tips to Clean Up the World

This weekend the yearly campaign “Clean Up the World” is fully under way. Every year this campaign takes place and gives everyone the opportunity – either as an individual or as a group – to simply clean up the world! Whether it’s planting some trees, recycling or saving electricity, every little bit will help the environment and build up to have a big impact.

recycling photo

The idea for Clean Up the World started in 1990 in Australia, when founder Ian Kiernan had a new vision to clean up his home country of Australia. By 1993 the campaign was launched, and it now takes place every 3rd weekend in September. Clean Up the World has had over 23 successful years of continuous work to help save the environment, and Ian is determined to keep it going. To celebrate this very worthy cause, we decided to come up with 5 tips on ways you can help to change the world for the better.

Don’t Litter

Many may see this as an obvious tip, however littering is still a big problem in many major cities. Simply putting your rubbish in the bins makes your local area cleaner, healthier and prettier! It also means that you aren’t putting any animals at risk of picking up something that may cause them danger or harm. If everyone put their litter in the nearest bin, this problem could easily be solved.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle


When it comes to helping the environment from your own home, recycling is a suggestion that many people have taken on board. Reusing certain items and reducing food waste have also become popular, along with buying items that include less packaging.  Recycling has been made easier within the last few years as most households have recycling bins along with a domestic waste bin for everything else. Benefits of recycling include waste reduction, reduced energy consumption and less water pollution, which are all key to cleaning up the world.

Turn Off Electronics


Turning off electronics can include anything from turning your computer off instead of leaving it on standby to turning lights off when you leave the room. Every time you do one of these you are saving a substantial amount of energy that could be used elsewhere. Although showering may not be classed as turning your electricity off, it saves a lot more water than having a bath, so make baths a treat and shower instead. It’s also a good idea not to leave the water running while you brush your teeth, to avoid wasting water.

Plant a Tree

Planting trees may seem like nothing, however all around the world trees are being chopped down daily. It is important to plant new trees as they give us much needed oxygen, they increase biodiversity and allows a suitable environment for animals. We need trees in order to balance out the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and provide a natural habitat for animals, so getting involved with tree planting projects is a great way to clean up the world!

Leave Your Car at Home


Leaving your car at home means you’ll reduce the harmful greenhouse gas emissions that your car gives off when in use, reducing the levels of pollution and fuel consumption in your city. As well as saving you a great deal of money, cycling or walking to work is a far healthier option. Using public transport is another clean option, as it reduced the number of cars being used and creates far less air pollution. Every time you leave your car at home you’re doing a little bit to help clean up the environment.

How will you be helping this September?