5 Places to Spend Halloween

Day of the Dead parade.

It’s a holiday of terror shared worldwide. From thousands of horror movies, to myths and legends, the spirits of the dead, the pumpkin carving, and the ghoulish costumes; Halloween is celebrated in countless way. Let’s take a look at some spooky getaway ideas, where you can completely immerse yourself in the spine-tingling holiday this year.

Derry, Northern Ireland

Who better to celebrate Halloween with than its founders? It often comes as a surprise that Halloween originated with the Irish: and wow do they do it big. The best and biggest place to be is the Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival in Derry, spanning a whole week and hosting an array of events where you can get your fill of spooky. There’s haunted houses, scary movies, ghost tours, parades, fire dancing and all the ghoulish and gory horrors you can imagine.

Transylvania, Romania

Another favourite has to be the home of Vlad the Impaler, or Dracula, as he’s more commonly known. The enchanting Transylvanian region of Romania is rich with myth and legend, and provides a perfectly authentic setting for Halloween. Spend your time celebrating in a haunted gothic castle, nestled in the picturesque hills and mountains. But remember, there’s no smoke without fire, and there’d be no Bram Stroker’s Dracula without Vlad the Impaler, Prince of Wallachia, and his love of blood. Don’t go wandering about in the night… you’ve been warned.


If Transylvania sends too many shivers down your spine, try something a little less spooky, and whole lot cheesier in Disney Land. It wouldn’t be Disney if it wasn’t completely over-the-top and they’ve got everything on offer! The Tower of Terror; costumes galore; a haunts tour; a pumpkin festival; fireworks; Villains Square; a Headless Horseman; Ghost Galaxy; magic shows, the list goes on and on. Even the snacks are themed- pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin fritters, pumpkin cupcake. Pretty much anything pumpkin themed you want, they’ve got. And what’s more, Disney Land has resorts spread worldwide, in LA, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai etc.,  so an uncomfortable, long-haul flight in your pumpkin suit isn’t necessary.


Dia de los Meurtos, or Day of the Dead, has become iconic world-wide for its striking combination of skulls and skeletons, matched with vibrant flowers. The celebrations honour the dead, and it’s thought that over its three days that spirits return to be together with their families. The procession is mesmerising and vivacious, and has been used as a setting in films such as the new James Bond, Spectre. Anywhere in Mexico is going to be pretty special during the Halloween period but to hit the most lively spectacles head to: Oaxaca, for colourful marketplaces and vigils being held in cemeteries; Merida, for the ‘feast for the souls’; and Janitzio, to see the lake lit up by fishermen’s torches from their rowing boats.

Alton Towers

For those in England needing somewhere a little closer to home, Alton Towers Scarefest is an exciting place to visit over Halloween. The park is decorated up to the extreme and there are two zones, Dark Apocalypse and the new Freak Show, in which free-roaming horrors jump out and chase you. If that doesn’t get your heart pumping, the huge rides are open of course, and there’s the chance to ride them in the dark which is a lot more disorientating and scream-. On top of this, the Terror of the Towers opens for you to explore the creepy halls of the gothic castle, and there’s an infested, apocalyptic maze to get lost in.

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