4 Eyewear designers you should check out right now

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With every big hitter in the fashion industry creating increasingly large collections, the range of sunglasses just gets bigger and crazier. Because sunglasses can play such an integral role in your outfit, brands have recognised the importance of stepping up their eyewear game. We have an enormous range of eyewear designers here at B Sunglasses, all with a completely different style and functionality. Here are some of the eyewear designers that you don’t want to let slip under the radar this season.


Surf enthusiasts Animal recently appointed a new creative director and he is seriously stepping up their game. Animal isn’t your first thought when eyewear designers spring to mind, but hear us out. After the recent creative takeover, Animal sunglasses are focussing on the use of extremely technical materials and innovative manufacturing. This means that their designs are now incredibly functional, and offers a beautifully updated aesthetic that now appeals to a large spectrum of active consumers. We think the Animal audience is about to broaden massively after the hugely positive reception from the loyal surf community promises that Animal is an eyewear brand that is here for the long run. Check out a more detailed look in to the new creative director at animal here.

Jimmy Choo

The name Jimmy Choo is one that resonates across the luxury footwear and accessories industry; however the brand is not necessarily the first that springs to mind when you’re talking luxury eyewear. Well, it should. The intricate detailing and luxurious fabrics that go in to Jimmy Choo’s footwear and bags is exactly the same in the Jimmy Choo sunglasses collection. You will find beautiful, bold colours and delicate jewelled detailing that make their sunglasses incredibly distinctive and classy. Not to mention the amazing craftsmanship that goes in to each pair of sunglasses.


Best known for their high performance, fashionable outerwear; Moncler are actually one of our favourite eyewear designers right now. Their collection plays homage to the brands rich heritage surrounded in mountaineering, and incorporates many of the bold colours and designs that has made the brand so popular today. They are incredibly well made and feature distinctive Moncler branding throughout. What’s more, each style is designed for longevity meaning they will certainly withstand the test of time. Many of the styles are proving to be pretty popular this season and are sure to sell out. Shop the latest arrivals of Moncler Sunglasses.


Levis is another brand that is pretty damn well known already, but not for being an eyewear designer. The brand’s debut collection is extremely varied in styles and totally on point. Many of the styles have a certain retro, American feel to them which is something you would expect from the denim giant. Shop the latest collection of Levis Sunglasses now.